Men’s Health Blog: Effects of Testosterone

Effects of Testosterone

Do you want to find out all the vital effects of testosterone? Testosterone is a crucial male sex hormone. The effects of testosterone are numerous. The hormone controls fertility, muscle mass, and red blood cells production. Further, it helps the development of male sexual traits at the hormonal level. Unlike men, women produce testosterone in smaller amounts.

Testosterone belongs to the class of androgen, referred to as steroids or anabolic steroids. The production takes place in the testicles through the Leydig cells. And the brain houses the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland that regulate the level of testosterone in the body. Also, testosterone is a promoter of wellbeing. The National Institutes of Health regards it as the most vital male hormone. This post presents effects of testosterone. So, read on and find out.

Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone is a vital hormone that boosts the growth of masculine traits in men. A regulated level of testosterone count in the body provides sound mental health and general well-being. The T levels are at peak during adolescence and early adulthood. On the other hand, the testosterone level tends to decline each year post 30 at a rate of 1-2%. High levels of testosterone amplify the following effects of testosterone:

1. Stronger Heart and Increased Blood Flow

A healthy heart pumps the muscles and organs with oxygen and ensures proper blood flow to the heart. Low testosterone levels are a potential threat to the health. Thus, causing various cardiovascular risks. On the other hand, high level of testosterone fosters red blood cell production through the bone marrow. This, of course, has an incidence on erections. In fact, lack of morning woods is a low testosterone symptom.

2. Fat Reducer

Higher testosterone level helps in fat loss. It helps the body to burn adipose tissue instead of muscle mass. More testosterone in the bloodstream prohibits the creation of new fat cells. Moreover, testosterone boosts the metabolic rate, and burns more energy, causing greater calorie deficit. Also, raised testosterone count improves the body content with a higher level of lipolysis. And this prevents new fat creation.

fat loss is one of the effects of testosterone

3. Stronger Bones

Testosterone is more than a sex hormone. It also strengthens bone mass and density. Running, hiking, and weight training helps in bone remodeling and increases the T levels in the body. To avoid the risk of osteoporosis. Reduce the intake of alcohol and tobacco. Also, men above 50 need 1000mg calcium per day. This is for ensuring minimal loss of bone density and good testosterone count.

4. Improved Memory and Thinking Ability

Memory is a fragile mental function.  As one age, the mental cognitive ability tends to decline. But a higher level of testosterone improves verbal spatial memory. Testosterone has dopamine boosting powers. It also boosts Acetylcholine, the memory neurotransmitter. Also, exercise boosts the brain levels of testosterone. It gets converted to DHT responsible for neurogenesis.

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Low levels of testosterone mean higher levels of cholesterol. Both testosterone and cholesterol are steroids. One is a hormone while the other a lipid molecule. Greater testosterone level reduces cholesterol and risk of heart attacks. Also, it regulates blood pressure and increases blood flow to the testicles.

lowering cholesterol is one of the effects of testosterone

Sprinting outdoors, exercising on the treadmill and swimming are some of the common workout forms. Reduce stress. Overworking the body tends to boost the level of the hormone cortisol. So eat wholesome food; get good sleep and exercise to cut stress.

6. Deep Voices

The vocal cord gets stretched by testosterone which leads to voice deepening during puberty. High testosterone count in the body leads to lowering of the cortisol level makes the voice deeper.  High estrogen level in women is a sign of high pitch. On the other hand, men with high testosterone count are high pitched as well. High estrogen and testosterone level is a sign of high fertility and romantic pairing in men and women. Men with deeper voices tend to have more sperm. Since the vocal organs are sensitive to androgens, it boosts the testosterone production.  This, in turn, makes the voice deeper. Unlike men with deep voices, the ones with meek or lower voice tend to masturbate more frequently. Men with deeper voices tend to attract more women.

7. Your Pleasure Booster

Testosterone plays a key role in body development, increases sex drive and acts as a mood enhancer. High level of testosterone is a precursor to a healthy sex life. Also, testosterone helps in controlling mood, sleep, libido, muscle strength and the quality of life. Beyond the overall health effects, testosterone boosts the raw sexual energy and appeal in men. Higher levels of testosterone mostly highlight the masculine presence and boost sexual vigor.

A boost in testosterone leads to a greater density of zinc in the testes and prostate. This boosts the libido drives in men. Good T levels are indicative of natural scent in men and help attract more women like animal magnetism. More the testosterone count, higher are the chances of being in control and lasting longer. It helps in muscle development and strengthens 30 muscles of the face, further giving you a chiseled look. The testosterone count in the body, when higher, reduces estrogen levels. This helps in fat reduction and helps you get it up and hard faster. On the other hand, low testosterone count reduces body metabolism, increases body mass and bone mineral deficiency.

increased libido is one of the effects of testosterone

Play it up Hard with the T Hormones

Enjoy a great sex life with a high testosterone count which controls sperm quality, erection, and sex drive. If your testosterone levels are high, you are more likely to have wide shoulders, beard, and chiseled jawlines. All these traits together add greatly towards your sex appeal. Exercise and the right kind of diet relieve stress and anxiety which in turn boosts the testosterone count.

To Wrap It Up on the Effects of Testosterone

In short, the effects of testosterone are only positive! Listed below are a few tips if you would like to have more T:

Is this post helping you to find out the vital effects of testosterone? Do you see how crucial sex hormone it is and also for your overall health? If so, then make sure that you nourish this hormone by doing exercises and taking the right kind of diet. Also, if you know more about this vital male hormone, then share it with us in the comments part below. And don’t forget to share this post with your bros on the social networks. Help them to find out the amazing effects of testosterone on us men so we can enjoy a great sex life.


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