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Increase Metabolism – 12 Easy and Simple Ways to Burn Fat

Worried about metabolism? Well, this is something to be concerned about. Your metabolic rate determines your body’s capacity to burn fat while not working out. Boosting metabolism is the good way to radiate your fat stores naturally. Here are the top 12 ways to increase metabolism to burn extra pounds.

The Stubborn Fat around your Tummy

Our sedentary lifestyle, addiction on processed food and absolute disregard for exercising has led to an obese and over-weight age. Needless to mention, the multitude of lifestyle diseases has been on a steady rise. These include stress, continuous fatigue, Type-2 Diabetes, cardiac ailments, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, and other related sexual problems.

Do you often fail to ditch that stubborn fat around your tummy? Then speed up the calorie-burning furnace by just practicing these practical yet easy tips below. Remember, being fit and healthy is the key to enhanced social life, qualifying into a head-turner in social circuits and increased sexual prowess.

12 Ways To Increase Metabolism

1. Physical Exercise is a Must

Increase metabolism is one of the several benefits of doing more exercises. Most guys are likely to spend 45 minutes even more at the gym. However, they often spend the rest of the day sitting at their workstation, on the subway and couch. And that can negate all effort at the gym. Adding in frequent sexual activities is another enjoyable way to increase metabolism. Your heartbeat could spike up to 150 from a normal of 70 beats per minute during sex. That will lead to better oxygenation.

2. Say YES to Cardio Exercises

Yes, doing cardio is a must, but you need to select the right cardio exercises. Depending solely on steady-state aerobics such as cycling or jogging often leads to a depressed metabolism. This is especially if combined with strict-calorie diet. Apart from depending on strength training, doing more high-intensity cardio can be good. Training like strongman circuits, sprinting or even martial arts are good examples. They will help you burn a significant amount of body fat as well as increase metabolism. Moreover, such cardio exercises encourage the body to keep burning fat even after you’re done with your workout. And that speeds up the metabolism in the long run.

cardio exercises to increase metabolism

3. Cold Shower Helps

Cold shower could help in burning more fat. The shivering triggers hormonal changes that stimulates brown fat. This is a type of fat that can burn extra calorie, generate heat and maintain body temperature. White fat cells, which are a characteristics of obesity, behave like brown fat cells in response to cold conditions.

cold shower increase metabolism

4. Maintain Muscle Mass

Undoubtedly the best way to increase metabolism it to putting on and maintaining layers of lean muscle mass. As you know, muscle is made of metabolically active tissues. And so it needs more energy to be built up, utilized and maintained. This elevates anabolic hormones of the body to enhance both recovery and burning of fatWeight training is the most efficient way to develop muscle mass.

maintain muscle mass to increase metabolism

5. Don’t Go too Low on Calorie

Low-carb and low-calorie diet are helpful in losing extra fat. But they often come at a metabolic cost. Over time, the body will understand that you’re restricting energy. Hence, it will decrease its production of some hormones causing you to burn fewer calories. This is fine. But the problem will occur as you slowly return to your regular eating pattern. Your metabolism rate will still be suppressed and that makes your body to rebound weight gain. So make sure you get your daily dose of carbohydrate and calorie intake gradually. And make some space for cheat meals at least once in a week.

6. Focus on Whole Foods

Whole foods contain an amazing assortment of essential nutrients. There is nothing like eating raw broccoli to kickstart your metabolism! Whole foods act as an effective metabolic spark plug ensuring more energy to move around. These include plant-based vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Paleo diet would be a good option for you. It eschews any processed foods in favor of vegetables and lean meat. And since this diet is devoid of needless crap in the food, it helps the body to burn clean.

7. Snack More

This is not a drill – get more grub and remain toned up. Snacking every time you feel hungry won’t let you become a fat man. Succumbing to hunger would maintain your insulin and blood sugar levels ensuring a perfect setting to increase metabolism. Don’t starve. Starving won’t work; it would instead put you into a surviving mode causing the body to hold on to the stored fat. The only important thing to do when you snack more is to choose good foods for your snacks.

8. Eat Protein at Breakfast

Don’t indulge yourself with donuts, cereals, waffles or other sugary snacks at breakfast. It could greatly spike and crash the blood sugar and could bring the metabolic rate to a screeching halt. Instead, focus on taking protein-rich breakfast including lean steak, eggs, and yogurt. Protein, irrespective of when you eat it, gives you the energy to break down and finally digest. Not only it cranks up metabolism but also tends to ingest fewer calories for the rest of the day. And this way you can burn more calories as well as intake fewer in overall.

9. Drink Water

Chronic dehydration often results in suppressed metabolism. Increase water consumption; drink at least eight glasses (8- ounce) a day of fresh and pure water. The water consumed in tea or coffee is also countable. But you must have eight glasses of plain water without fail. Having adequate water also ensures more energy and blemish-free clear skin. If possible, avoid fluorized water.

drink water to increase metabolism

10. Take Supplements

Many compounds, be it found in food or supplement and energy drinks, have an effective thermogenic effect. They drive up the heat in the body to drive up metabolism. Taurine, caffeine, ephedrine are some well-known and potent thermogenic to name. However, such supplements rich in such compounds overtax the adrenal gland and drive stress responses. So be careful and don’t overdo while taking up these stimulants. It would be better to talk to your gym trainer regarding if you should take them. Another way that you can force your body to increase its heat production is to expose yourself to cold such as by taking cold showers.

11. Spice It Up

If you want to feel that metabolic burn, put the heat where the mouth is. It’s not about fire-breathing. It’s about chilies. Capsaicin is the substance that gives chili pepper the spice. It makes body burn off more energy even at rest through thermogenesis by increasing body’s heat.

red hot chili peppers to increase metabolism

12. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep can throw off the level of leptin that helps to regulate your appetite and energy use. Sleeping less than eight hours will reduce the leptin level by more than 15%. So if you want to maintain the hormone level and increase metabolism, a good night’s shut-eye is just necessary.

sleep well to increase metabolism

Get Your Metabolic Rate Cranked Up

As you want to give your body a good boost, many activities can get metabolism cranked up. Turning to weight lift session, riding a bike or a 20-minute HIIT session are all good examples of such activities. But things are not easy always. People with higher metabolism usually burn more calories at rest than those with a lower metabolism. And so they get away with having more food. But high metabolism isn’t restricted to selected guys only. You can also take advantage of this; just follow the tips shared above and maintain better and sexier body composition.

Obesity tends to make us lethargic. It makes it even harder for obese people to take up strict exercising routine. It is not easy for them neither to skip their favorite fried food and adapt to a natural diet. For all these reasons, no wonder that they don’t focus towards a healthier life. I can help with increasing your dedication, motivation and willpower to take up a challenge to burn those extra pounds. Accept my offer and feel more fit, healthy and energetic.

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