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Fat loss and Erection – Rock hard body, rock hard…

Boss! We’ve got some critical things to get to today. We are going to discuss fat loss and erection.

But first… I’ve got to get to the mailbag.

Mailman… HIT ME!

This one is from A. Roberts in Kansas

He says:

Yo, Olivier.

What’s happening you studly bastard.

Thanks for your daily writings and your awesome advice.

Along with my hot girlfriend your juicing recipes are responsible for some of the best erections I’ve ever had!

I’m 43 now and have kissed my prescriptions good bye.

But one thing I’m having a little trouble with is my belly.

I want to get really lean and see a full six-pack.

Partly because I want to look good for summer. But also because I’m reading that losing stomach fat is good for blood flow and energy levels. Is it true that fat loss and erection are linked?

I’m working on dominating in my career more and I need as much energy as I can get.

I’ve already lost 18 lbs of fat but I struggle with getting that last bit of stubborn fat off.

Any advice?

Thanks buddy,
A. R.

Firstly, you’re a hell of a studly guy yourself!

Because making the commitment to get your erections back, look your best and dominate in your career are the right things to do.

Wow! Look at you go.

Well… to be honest, I’ve been following a protocol myself lately. It is great for balancing your hormones. And it is removing those road blocks to getting that last bit of fat off of your body.

It’s a novel approach designed by a New York Times bestselling author.

His name is John Romaniello but he goes by “Roman.” He’s an Ivy League educated fitness entrepreneur. So he knows what he’s doing.

This is me and the man himself last weekend out in San Diego:

Actually, the first time I met him was at Caesar’s palace gym in Las Vegas in 2016. Since then, I bump into him once in a while. He is a super cool guy.

He knows what he talks about. But the most important thing is that he is very generous with his clients and followers. If you become his client, you can be sure he will give you the VIP treatment that you deserve. And he will support you to achieve your goal!

Roman’s solution will help you strip off that body fat…

Keep your manly hormones surging…

And also give you the boost you need to get over the hump.

It uses a special kind of training called MRT.

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And the same goes for the rest of the Team Juicing Masters.

Because whether you’ve got 10, 20, or even 30 lbs to lose…

This protocol flat out works. And it won’t shut down your hormones and make you weak like most fat loss solutions.

So, you want to know about the fat loss and erection link? Here at Team Juicing Masters, there is something we say:

Fat Loss and Erection: A Rock Hard Body… means a Rock Hard…

Anyway, you get the idea. Also, know this. The most important fat to lose for stronger erections and also the hardest one to get rid off is the belly fat.

>> New York Times Best-Selling Fat Loss Solution

Off to the gym to do some cardio

Talk soon champ,

Oli L.
The Bold Beacon of Badass”


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