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Vitamin From The Sun: Place your balls in sunlight for vitamin d benefits

Get ready to be stunned by what I’m going to propose you… A vitamin from the sun that is good for your testosterone levels! Learn about the main vitamin d benefits.

But first: 3 secrets to increase your testosterone levels naturally…

And it will only work if you have an open mind and a willingness to try out new things.


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So here are the 3 secrets (including what the mysterious vitamin from the sun is…)

  1. Eat foods that boost testosterone
  2. Place your balls in sunlight. Your vitamin D (vitamin from the sun) will go to the roof so your testosterone as well. You need to find a private spot where you can indulge yourself this pleasure…
  3. Lose weight. Fat cells contain aromatase and aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. This is not good…

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Now that I have disclosed 3 secrets to increase naturally testosterone, let’s talk in more details about the vitamin from the sun…

Vitamin D Benefits and Functions

Vitamin D is often called the vitamin from the sun. Why? Vitamin D is vital for maintaining calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. These two factors, in particular, are essential for healthy bones and teeth. It protects us from a range of conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer. It helps in supporting a robust immune system and lung function. Moreover, vitamin D is good for the cardiovascular system and regulates insulin. The body gets vitamin D when sunlight hits our skin. Also, supplements and medicines are a source of vitamin D.

For example, a man wants to be virile and active to make his woman happy. But if the body does not have enough testosterone, there could be trouble brewing. Vitamin D is one such compound that improves your mood and the power of your sex hormones. This is one of the vitamin D benefits.

vitamin from the sun - vitamin d benefits

How can Vitamin D Help You?

Men with 30.0 mcg/L or more vitamin D have higher testosterone than men with Vitamin D in the range of 20.0-29.9 mcg/L. Higher vitamin D content helps boosts testosterone formation. It also helps acts as a mood up-lifter and helps maintain one’s libidinal impulse. Let us take a detailed look at how vitamin D can help the male body to be more healthy and hearty.

1. Testosterone Production

The vitamin from the sun is a fat-soluble vitamin which performs the function of a steroid hormone in the body when in active form. Vitamin D acts on the body more like a hormone. It is almost like a ‘master key’ for regulating the hormones. On account of this quality vitamin D boosts the testosterone production. Since vitamin D helps in regulating sleep, it bears an impact on the testosterone production, because the maximum amount of testosterone is produced during sleep.

Vitamin D3 is specifically essential for the proper development of the nucleus of the sperm cell. It enhances the sex drive and sperm count in men. Greater exposure to sunlight increases the testosterone count. By activating the genes that release dopamine and serotonin vitamin D controls our mood. When these neurotransmitters go lacking it induces a feeling of depression. It is believed that vitamin D keeps in check and inhibits the process of aromatization in which testosterone gets changed to estrogen in men.

2. Stronger Bone Structure

A stronger bone structure is one of the vitamin D benefits. When your body has a shortage of vitamin D, calcium is not correctly stored in the bones. This makes the entire body structure weak and brittle. Calcium dislodges from the bones and mixes with the bloodstream. This may cause weakness and even fractures. According to studies, brittle bones need a steady supply of blood. Having a stronger bone structure relieves the pressure on the cardiac outflow. This, in turn, helps the blood pressure to be normal.

The Anterior pituitary gland plays a pivotal role in producing hormones in the body by releasing them into the bloodstream. However, if you have weak bones, then the body produces hormones from the thyroid and the pituitary glands. This is to counter the condition. In excess, this could be a bad thing. But having a proper bone structure fixes such irregular hormone functions. This enables a man to lead a more active and fulfilling life.

3. Better Muscles. Better Muscle Functions

Here is the next item from the vitamin D benefits. If there is not enough vitamin D in your body, it can lead to type-2 muscle fiber atrophy. This is a severe condition where the body loses the integrity of the muscle structure. This causes the body to go into a state of surrender.

Better muscle functions ensure proper blood flow and hormonal activities. It also helps in future absorption of nutrients and hormones like estrogen and testosterone etc. Having an adequate amount of vitamin D can reduce the risk of muscular degeneration. This ensures better muscle functions and in turn, a fuller life.

4. Vitamin D wards off Heart Diseases

Better cardiovascular health is also among the vitamin D benefits. According to studies, lack of vitamin D causes several cardiovascular problems may arise. Low vitamin D can create high blood pressure, sudden cardiac arrests and heart failures. Proper intake of vitamin D helps in maintaining regular cardiovascular functions.

Regulated amount of vitamin D helps in proper blood flow by boosting cardiovascular functions. Strong and energized blood flow, in turn, ensures significantly better sexual functions. In men, regularized blood flows help in gaining and maintain erectile functions. It seems that an adequate supply of vitamin D can thus definitely give a man a better and more potent erection.

During the summer months, there is a rise in vitamin D in males due to exposure to Sunlight. Also, men usually have higher libidinal impulse during summers. Sunlight is related to serotonin, which is a key neurotransmitter. It enhances the ability to experience pleasure. This helps in better sexual performance. Thus, the vitamin from the sun protects against cardiovascular risks and increases sexual prowess.

5. Vitamin D fights the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

What is the most probable disease to hamper your sexual life? More often than not, Type 2 Diabetes is the villain. Alongside loss of sexual stamina, Type 2 Diabetes also cause long-term complications. These include nerve damage, heart disease, eye damage, vision loss, and kidney failure. Each one of these side effects has an extremely bad effect upon one’s life in general and one’s sex life in particular.

Here is another incredible benefit from the vitamin d benefits. Higher vitamin D improves beta cell function. It also helps with insulin sensitivity. This effectively makes your body more able against Type 2 Diabetes. So more vitamin D means a fuller life and a more enjoyable one for you and your woman.

6. Vitamin D reduces the risk of Cancer

Cancer kills. But, before that, it robs the victim of his bodily functions. Cancer cells spread through the body by killing the regular cells slowly. A person who has cancer will slowly but surely lose his entire bodily agency including his energy and strength.

Vitamin D is one of the strongest inhibitors against the growth of cancer cells. This is among the best vitamin D benefits! This helps to keep a check on the cancer cells. People with higher vitamin D content in the body hence run a lesser risk of contracting cancer. In fact, Studies were undertaken by The University of California, San Francisco gives results in favor of vitamin D intake to fight cancer. Thus, this innocuous Vitamin is a life-saver!

Where to find Vitamin D?

So vitamin D is vital for us. Now we need to find out where to find vitamin d. The sunlight is the primary source of getting vitamin D into your body. Also, exposure to sunlight initiates Vitamin D formation under UVB radiation. That is why it is called the vitamin from the sun.

Moreover, diet changes can bring a significant change in the Vitamin d levels. Foods such as salmon, trout, eggs, milk, etc. contain vitamin D. Consuming these items in adequate servings helps to maintain a proper balance of vitamin D in one’s bloodstream. Juicing fruits and vegetables to get vitamin D supply is also a very useful solution. Also, vitamin D supplements are a prevalent source of this much-required nutrient.

vitamin d benefits with eggs


In brief, vitamin from the sun saves the body from many complex diseases. High concentration of vitamin D also helps with the level of testosterone in the body. It helps with getting and maintaining erections and influences the hormonal balance in a man’s body. Thus, the vitamin D benefits are essential for men’s health. It is a must-have component in maintaining a healthy and virile life that is physically and sexually balanced. Reverting to a balanced diet alongside adequate exposure to sunlight is essential.

Talk soon champ,

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