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What is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)?

What is DHT? Dihydrotestosterone is known by most as DHT. Awareness about it has increased lately. People around me started to ask me questions about what is DHT. So this is a raising topic. I’m going to start talking more often about it. What out! There is a lot of debate as to the benefits it gives as compared to the side effects it causes. So, what is DHT and what are its good effects on men’s body? Read on, to find out what is dht.

What Is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)?

We all know of testosterone is the premier male hormone. It plays a huge role in the functioning and well-being of the male body. 5alpha Reductase is an enzyme. It is found mostly in the testes, hair follicles, prostate and adrenal glands. And it acts upon testosterone. This leads to the formation of a more complex hormone, known as Dihydrotestosterone. Doctors know that DHT is stronger than testosterone. Its higher strength is because of its affinity towards androgen receptors. Affinity means how easy it is to get together. And filling a receptor is the way to activate it. Its affinity is 2-3 times the amount of testosterone affinity. And it is about 15-20 times greater than that of other adrenal hormones.

The Good DHT Effects

As a hormone, DHT is very proactive and does a lot of things. This is really true for you if you are a man. Also, DHT plays an important role in the reproductive system of males. This post outlines the good effects of the hormone:

DHT Boosts Sex Drive, Quality Of Erections And Penis Size

According to several human and rodent studies, the presence of Dihydrotestosterone, causes the urge of mating in males. DHT triggers this urge in tune with another hormone, i.e. Estradiol. Dihydrotestosterone is particularly useful in increasing the reflexes of the genitals and their sensitivity to sexual stimuli. So, for men who have a drop in sex drive, a boost in DHT will result into a higher libido. Testosterone is even not as effective than this.

Boost in Dihydrotestosterone levels has also been linked with better quality of erections and increase in penis size and girth. For the curious and interested about this charming effect, here is the reason. More volume of the hormone means that it will also act more with the adrogen receptors. It is like hot sauce. The more you put sauce in your dish, the hotter your meal will become. DHT is like a hot sauce for the penis…

The reason why DHT effect is greater than testosterone is because the enzyme aromatase cannot synthesize DHT to form estrogen. DHT is an effective blocker of the aromatase enzyme. This is unlike testosterone. Aromatase synthesizes testosterone in estrogen.

Effect of DHT On The Prostate Gland


what is DHT and its effects on the prostate

People often say bad things about DHT. Because it is thought to have a bad effect on the prostate gland. According to mixed beliefs, DHT causes a boost in the size of the prostate gland, leading to problems. It is also probably carcinogenic to the prostate. Studies have proved that certain prostrate ailments happens when there is an imbalance in the androgen and estrogen levels. The mere presence of DHT is not guilty for prostate ailments such as Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer. The ideal ratio between Dihydrotestosterone and 4-Androstenedione (an estrogen) is 1:1. This is a situation where the Androstenedione balances the pro-carcinogenic effect of the hormone. It is when there is no balance that ailments happens. Keep your balance straight and you will be fine!

Further, estradiol combines with SHBG present in the body to boost the Intracellular Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate, according to famous studies. Experts establish that this compound causes enlargement of the prostate. This not fun and you do not want that to happen to you.

The bottom-line is that DHT may be a threat to the health of the prostate. It may be a threat only when either present in very high quantities, or in shorter quantities. A healthy volume of  Dihydrotestosterone ensures a balance of the androgen-estrogen levels in the body. According to recent researches, this balance is effective in reducing prostate size. Woo-hoo!

DHT Helps Develop Masculine Traits

Dihydrotestosterone is a more potent form of testosterone and therefore shares a few good effects with it:

  • DHT causes the growth of facial hair in the form of beards in men. It is also responsible for the fact that men have more body hair than women. This is because the hormone is present in much greater quantities in men. The larger amount found in men results in having big hair follicles, this is true mostly on the face. Having big hair follicles is what makes men having beards and mustaches. Most of the time, Men with low levels of DHT have less facial hair growth. The same is true for body hair, which causes men to be more hairy than women

What is DHT and its effects on body hair

  • Men have much more mineral bone density than women, which prevents them from osteoporosis. On the other hand, osteoporosis is quite common in women. The presence of DHT helps in keeping bone mineral density levels and also leads to boosted skeletal mass. Having a big skeletal mass is typical for men, as compared to the women anatomy.
  • According to rodent studies, the hormone boosts the activity of fast-twitch muscles. And it decreases the activity of slow-twitch muscles. This gives men more muscle strength and the ability to produce short bursts of power. Powerlifters and athletes have a desire towards DHT steroids probably for this very reason.

What is DHT and its effects on muscle strength

DHT Boosts Confidence, Enhance Mood And Makes You Happy:

Doctors have made tests on men with low levels of DHT and testosterone. A boost in these hormonal levels, through external dosage, mainly boosts the overall confidence levels in men. The external dose also made them less angry or irritable, boosted energy levels significantly and reduced tiredness. The protein-rich content leads to faster recovery of fatigued muscles and boosts the neural activities.


Then, we can conclude that DHT is quite a good thing when it comes to the men’s physique. It is important especially in regard to men’s sexual health, libido and manhood. While it can enhances your manhood. Your overall sex appeal too would be on the rise with a little bit more of DHT in your body…

In a future post, I will talk about what to do to have more DHT. In the meantime

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