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What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About the cause of ED

You know the awkward feeling when you have no idea what is the cause of ED. You’re with your partner. The action is heating up, you’re ready to go… then all of a sudden… poof.

It’s like your erection just vanishes. You go soft. A shoulder-slouching shame crawls up your nervous system and you feel entirely frustrated and embarrassed.

What is the cause of ED?

The biggest problem with ED is that men have begun to expect ED as a “normal aging problem”. We have started to just accept that as we age… We are going to start losing sexual function. And there’s nothing short of taking expensive pills that we can do about it.

First, erectile dysfunction isn’t just impotence. It is any difficulty associated with trying to get and maintain functional and healthy erections during any form of sex. Also, impotence is just part of a host of symptoms that men are starting to experience at younger ages.

Next, There are multiple elements to an erection that can be affected by your general health and psychology. Also, there are nerve function and sensitivity. Not to mention that there are arteries and blood flow and hormones. Finally, there’s what’s happening in your head.

The cause of ED is probably not psychological

Now, the assumption that the cause of ED is psychological is largely a myth. It’s rare for head issues to be the main cause of ED. But the head plays a roll in making it easy for you and your partner to relax. This can affect other elements of your sexual experience. When sex is more enjoyable and doesn’t carry the same level of performance pressure… As a result, ED tends to be less problematic.

Moreover, your doctor isn’t trying to “hide” anything from you about ED. Despite what some aggressive advertisers want you to believe. Your doctor isn’t part of some conspiracy to line the drug maker’s pockets at your expense… Quite honestly your doctor just doesn’t know a lot about helping you with your erectile health outside of prescribing drugs.

Like the adage goes… “When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

When all you know is “diagnose and dispense” every issue looks like a candidate for a chemical.

What doctors aren’t telling about the cause of ED

Here’s just a short list of things that your doctor isn’t telling you about how you can start to get back the sensitivity and blood flow that can give you those almost uncomfortable erections you used to enjoy as a teenager:

happiness awaits you when you understand and avoid the cause of ED

1. ED isn’t a “normal” part of aging

The rate of men who complain about erectile dysfunction has nearly doubled in the last 3 decades. Now, it’s true that it’s hard… er, I mean difficult for many men to talk about their erectile health issues with their doctor. But twice as many men are doing so at younger ages. This fact tells us that the issue is on the rise.

2. Drugs are not the only solution

In fact, drugs are a Band-Aid and only solve the problem in about 50% of all cases. The drugs themselves are costly. And the side effects often make it difficult for many men to stay on them for the long term.

3. Lowered testosterone is NOT the cause of erectile dysfunction in most men

Having lowered testosterone often makes it difficult for men to get and keep erections but ED is rarely treatable with testosterone therapy alone.

4. There are multiple effective ways to treat and cure erectile dysfunction that don’t require a prescription

Presently, the class of drugs that Viagra and Cialis belong to allows more blood to flow into the penis. This let men get and maintain their erections. However, it doesn’t address other secondary or primary causes of erectile dysfunction like sensitivity issues. And it ignores other effective ways to improve circulation and sensitivity without resorting to expensive medications.

5. Male enhancement pills are NOT the answer

Finally, most are made in poor conditions in factories overseas. The quality of the ingredients is not controlled for. And they are formulated by amateurs. These amateurs simply throw a bunch of ingredients together into a pill that they can sell for a small profit. If you are going to experiment with herbs as a way to end your ED, do this one thing. Make sure you get quality information from an expert on how to use them safely. Also important, you need to get your herbs from a good source. So, you don’t pay for something that’s just going to make you sick.

In conclusion, no matter what you decide to try to cure ED, I strongly recommend that you opt for natural solutions. My natural viagra juice recipe is indeed an excellent way to test the idea! Good luck!


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