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Hard erection tips – Sexual confidence, penile health and libido

This is a follow-up post to yesterday’s post where I was replying to a great hard working, highly motivated Team Juicing Masters member. As I was replying, when I saw that my answer was to be 4 pages long, I told myself: Woah. I’m going to overwhelm my guys with a shower of good info! So I decided to break it down into 2 smaller chunks. And this post is going to discuss how sexual confidence, libido and sexual appetite and penile health which are the 3 secret hard erection tips.

3 Secret Hard Erection Tips

So here we are, you are going to receive possibly the most important tips that may change your sex life as a man forever… So, please, read carefully what is following… It sure helps to know how erections work but once you master the basic understanding, you need advanced knowledge to move your erections to the next level and this is what the 3 secret hard erection tips are going to do for you!

1. Performance anxiety and sexual confidence

sexual confidence

Even an entirely physically working penis can suffer from ED. I wrote about that on the blog last year here and here.

The way to figure out if this is the source of your issues is straightforward. Is your ED happen all the time or only in some situations?

If you have solid morning woods, have no problems having solid erections by yourself and have a hard time maintaining an erection with a new partner (I have a funny video showing the phenomenon. I just cannot publish it publicly. If interested, hit the reply button and ask me about it privately…)

One way that I do to eliminate anxiety very occasionally (3-4 times per year), it is to smoke some weed. This has the effect to fully remove all inhibitions and transform anyone into a horny sexual beast full of sexual confidence. You cannot rely on that solution as smoking weed isn’t healthy. But since it is becoming legal in many areas, I thought that I should mention it… at least for experimentation…

You acquire Sexual confidence having a lot of sexual experience and collecting positive outcome.

Having a strong sexual confidence is among the best hard erection tips that you can find around. If you have given several addicting sexual experiences to your partner, it will be easy for you to come in a new sexual encounter relaxed. It will be so as you know deep down that it is going to be an extremely pleasurable experience for both of you. And that you will be able to last as long as you want because you have done it so many times before. Performance anxiety can happen if you perceive your partner sexual skills better than yours.

You may think that performance anxiety is not affecting you but you could be without being aware of it. Your sexual self-image is something that is deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind. Only practice, experience and time can build up your confidence and eliminate performance anxiety.

But there is a shortcut…

Visualization and affirmations can help you mold your self-image into the one of a sexual stud that can please any woman. If this is something that you would like to explore, read my review of something that does just that.

I will now talk about libido and sexual appetite.

2. Libido and sexual appetite

libido and sexual appetite

If you have stopped porn and masturbation. Congratulation! Stopping porn is a good thing but know this. Having a high libido and a healthy sexual appetite will impact the quality of your erections. Possessing these 2 is among the most powerful hard erection tips… The best way that I know to achieve that is to:

a) Increase your T-Levels

Testosterone levels are very important for a high sex drive. There are a lot of easy things that you can do to improve your levels. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Eat these foods
  2. Cook these recipes
  3. Avoid these foods
  4. Make sure you have adequate sleep
  5. Take cold showers
  6. Expose yourself (especially your genitals if possible…) to the sun
  7. Lose excess fat

Do not worry too much about ejaculating. Science has shown that ejaculation impact on testosterone is minimal…

b) Have frequent sex

Concerning frequent sex (3-4 times per week), of course, the real thing is the best but maybe for some men, it is not possible currently. Then masturbation is better than nothing and is very healthy if you want to protect yourself against prostate cancer… If done right as explained in PHFF, it will be very beneficial.

The no fap movement, I think, is mostly targeted at young men who have the libido through the roof. Having a no fap rule, it motivates them to have sex with women by leveraging the power of hormones. A lot of young men apparently got lazy and became dependent on porn as the sole source of sexual release.

Older men don’t automatically have the same sex drive than a teenager. For that reason, masturbation can help maintaining a healthy libido if sex isn’t accessible often enough.

c) Herbs to stimulate your libido and sexual appetite

Finally, I suggest you take a look at Thor’s hammer formula. It is IMHO, the best quality at a very affordable price. I am an occasional user of it and I can attest that it is efficient. Also, I reserve the formula only for special occasions so a single bag can last for a very long time.

I have no idea what it does if you take the formula daily but based on my experience that I share in the video below, it is way too effective to take a spoon or 2 in the morning if you don’t plan to have sex right there and now… as it will give an erection so hard that it will be almost painful…

I will end this hard erection tips post by talking about penile health.

3. Penile Health

penile health

Here is the final tip of the 3 secret hard erection tips. It is the penile health one. You know what they say?

Penile Health – Use it or lose it!

Penis Enlargement through exercises is harder to achieve than what the marketing attempt to make you believe. It works but the advertised results are exceptional and above the average results… and it takes time and a lot of dedication…

BUT what is 100% guaranteed is that performing regular PE exercises will improve your erections in several ways. Men practicing PE exercises experience harder erections, it is easier to get and maintain erections.

==> Try it and you will notice improvements in less than a month!

Another type of exercise that is excellent for your penile health, it is the Kegel exercises for men. Combine these with PE exercises and you have an explosive combo your hands to become the hardest possible version of yourself!

Wrap up on the hard erection tips

In brief, this is it. I hope that you enjoy these 3 tips and that you will make good use of them by taking action. To sum up, the best 3 hard erection tips are:

  • Sexual confidence
  • Have a high libido and a strong sexual appetite
  • Take care of your penile health

Thank you again, Clinton, for your excellent question.

That is the type of questions that are asked and answered inside the Masters of Manhood private FB group!

Have a nice day!

Oli L.
The Bold Beacon of Badass”


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