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Overcome Performance Anxiety Related ED: 9 steps plan to eliminate it

The problem with performance anxiety related ED is that it is very easy not even to realize that this is something that you have. In other words, you may have consulted a doctor and have ruled out all the physical causes of ED, yet you still have the problem. Performance anxiety related ED is insidious as it triggers the fear of being impotent. As a result, it is going to mess with your masculine confidence in your head…

We have described the performance anxiety ED symptoms previously. And maybe you are not sure yet whether or not anxiety is the source of your problem. So, before jumping to the big guns, let me propose you a little experimentation to let you discover if it does improve the situation.

Then, if the experiment is positive, perhaps this will show you the next step to take to be able to fly in bed like a wild superman! So, here is the 9-steps plan:

Easy 9-steps to get rid of Performance Anxiety Related ED

1. Focus on relaxation over arousal

This is a major one. If you focus on arousal because you need to feel it, this is how the performance anxiety is seeded. Instead, relax and remove all your expectations. Focus on sensations of well-being and happiness instead.

2. Be conscious of your breathing

This is the basis method of a lot of meditation methods. It does a lot of things. Being aware of your breath forces you to get out of your head and to focus on the present moment. It works because it is practically impossible to focus on the physical sensation of breathing and having an internal dialogue at the same time. And, by shutting down this conscious inner dialogue is hugely relaxing and appeasing.

be conscious of your breathing

3. Slow down

Slowing down things support relaxation. Also, it amplifies the sensation as you take the time to enjoy them really. It may also help in building up anticipation which will naturally arouse you.

4. Be conscious of the tension in your body

It is surprising how unaware we can be about the stress running around in our body. This is another relaxation method that is extremely effective. For one, while you are busy installing relaxation in the various part of your body, you are outside of your head.

5. Eliminate all conscious thoughts

Among all the steps seen so far, there is a common theme which is to get out of your head. So if you find yourself having an internal dialogue. Consciously decide to stop it!

6. Don’t just try harder to get an erection or prevent ejaculation

If you see that you can get it up, the last thing to do is to focus on that. Do something else, enjoy yourself and take care of your partner. Here are few fun things that you could do:

  • Eat her out
  • Rub your dick on her pussy
  • Have her give you a blowjob
  • If this isn’t working – give yourself a break from physical stimulation, and try again later.

sexy blonde eating your banana

I assure you that if you do that, there is a good chance that you will experience fireworks.

When you see performance anxiety related ED is showing its ugly head, stop thinking about the problem. In short, it is the best way to make it go away!

7. Use more foreplay

It gives you the time to get comfortable with the situation. Your most amazing erections will come at the least expected time. You forget about it, have fun with the foreplay, focus on giving pleasure to your partner and enjoy her reaction. Let it arouse you.

8. Don’t try to be perfect

It is ok not to be as great as a pro. As soon as you accept that truth and start enjoying yourself instead, there will be an enormous weight that will be removed from your shoulder and it will make your experience much more interesting….and look at that, you will have an elephant throbbing erection.

have silly fun in bed

9. Develop oral and manual skills as a backup

In last resort, try to be as carefree as possible in the situation. Torturing yourself and feeling bad won’t improve the situation. Take care of your lady with your best available assets. That won’t be as good as with your big tool but at least if you can give her a lot of pleasure, this will help to have a good moment.

This is it!

The whole point of the 9 items plan to quickly fix anxiety induced ED was to arm you with tools so by having a plan when you are going to be in bed, it will help you to

relax, remove a lot of pressure out of your shoulders and enjoy the experience…

and oh surprise…

this might be the little missing edge that you needed to get the hardest erection of your life

What you have learned is a good start to eliminate your performance anxiety related ED. If you think that you have a severe problem of anxiety in general and you are looking for resources that might help you with it:

>> Check this out



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