Penis Enlargement Methods – Which is safe and effective and which is dangerous and inefficient?

In recent time, for many men, the penis size has become an important thing. It is because length and girth of the penis signify masculinity and virility. A penis measures on average around 3 and 4 inches (7.5 and 10 cm) when flaccid. On the other hand, is around 4 and 6 inches (10 and 15.25 cm) when stretched or erect. The thought that their penis is too small worries many men across the globe. This is despite that researches already showed that most men’s penises are more or less average. These concerns about their penis size are valid if your size is average or below average. Also, most of the penis enlargement methods are potentially harmful, expensive or ineffective. So, it is crucial to use the right one that will provide the desired enlargement result in a safe way.

About Men

Alan Roger Currie, a professional dating coach observed in his book The Beta Male Revolution that, in general, alpha men possess above average penis size and beta men possess below average penis size. Another very popular book author, Robert Cialdini support this observation by writing in the Authority influence principle chapter of the book Influence (page 185):

Because we see SIZE and STATUS as related, it is possible for certain individuals to benefit by substituting the former for the latter. In some animal societies, in which the STATUS of an animal is assigned on the basis of dominance, SIZE is an important factor in determining which animal will achieve which STATUS level in the group. Usually, in combat with a rival, the LARGER and more powerful animal WINS…

Alpha males have above average size penis

He refers to the actual animal size but this is directly applicable to penis size in human societies. Every man wants to be alpha. This means that you are the type of man desired by women. Therefore, this is the reason why it is so essential for men to have a big enough penis and why Penis Enlargement methods exist.

What is PE (Penis Enlargement methods)?

Penis enlargement methods are procedures in which the male reproductive organ undergoes treatment to become bigger in length and girth. Men are quite insecure when it comes to the size of their penis and this is why men may consider penis enlargement methods for several reasons – sometimes known as penis augmentation. The penis itself sometimes does not do any function in a proper way because of birth defects or injuries. Surgery may help restore appearance and function appearance.

Penis Size: What’s Normal, What’s Not?

The fear that your penis looks too small or is way too small to satisfy your partner during sex is common. And various sources on the Internet say that most men who think their penises are too small are ok. This is a lie fed to small penises men to make them feel better about their penis size.

The actual length of a non-erect penis doesn’t consistently predict length when the penis is erect though if your penis is 15 cm (6 inches) or shorter when erect – this is below average and it is not a good spot to be for a man.

Penis Enlargement Methods - Penis Size Does Really Matter

How Partners View Penis Size

Have you encountered those advertisers on the Internet in where you would have to believe that your partner cares deeply about penis size? If so and if you’re concerned, then know that you are right to be concerned. Always keep in mind that talking about it to your partner is of no use since it will only demonstrate insecurity from you and she will never admit to you that she does prefer a bigger penis than yours. Do know that women discuss among them about penis sizes and according to a scientific study, they lust for bigger than average penises.

In fact, the study highlights the fact that when women are looking for sexual satisfaction, they seek for a man with a big penis. They will opt for the less masculine men with a smaller penis only when it is time to settle for a long term relation.

Is My Penis Too Small?

This is the most common question that men aren’t likely to ask their friends or sex partners.

A doctor would be polite to listen to your issues and in the end, you will have your question like:

  • Am I going to be concerned about my penis size?
  • Does my penis size is satisfying for my partner?
  • Are there natural ways to increase penis size?
  • Are there surgical procedures for penis enlargement?
  • Could weight lifting and supplement use affect penis size?
  • Do women prefer men with larger penises?
  • Is it really like in the porn movies, for girls to crave for a bigger cock?

And many many more questions concerning penis size.

What doctors think of penis enlargment methods

What is true is that you have to be concerned if you have a micropenis. Doctors consider a penis abnormally small only if it measures less than 3 inches (or about 7.5 centimeters) when erect. Doctors call this condition a micropenis. Otherwise, as far as long term relation with a women is concerned, you should do fine with an average size penis. This is so because for a number of women, sexual satisfaction is not their main motivation for being engaged.

unless you have a micropenis, a number of women for which sexual satisfaction is not a priority will be happy to be engaged with you

Is there a solution to penis size issues?

Think of it this way, like what is the first thing you do with a balloon before you blow it up? Well, you stretch it and this makes the rubber more supple. This will allow the balloon to hold more air. Of course, the penis is very different from a balloon but these basic principles are the same. But, if you can exercise your penis to hold more blood then it will become larger in size – simply as that! This is what the penis enlargement methods attempt to achieve.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed and entertained when you have a bigger penis, for starters the confidence it can literally turn your life around.

Can you remember the last time you wanted to get along and approach a woman but didn’t have the confidence? Even the last time you went to the gents and felt quite insecure whilst standing at the urinals? Well, this is why a bigger penis can bring you the confidence to approach that woman you have had your eye on. You actually could be visiting the gents completely relaxed. And you know that you are probably larger downstairs than every other man in there.

A bigger penis means you are aware and know that you can satisfy any woman and that confidence and knowledge can radiate throughout your entire life.

She is anticipating the big fun about to come out

Psychological Benefits of a Bigger Penis

The face of a man is usually an open book to most women and this is not a quite secret no more. Women can read practically anything in our faces. Ladies are able to tell the size of your penis, your bank account and the status of your sex life by taking only one look – the look is likely followed by the lady’s departure in the opposite direction. Failure always leaves a mark on your face, just the way success does. And women can read those marks awfully well, remember this. Even worse is when you have a small penis and failure tends to follow failure in a pattern that grows bigger every day. While the first thing women notice about a man is his confidence level. Because a stoop-shouldered man with a downcast look has very little chance of actually getting a date from a decent looking lady.

What gives confidence to men?

Otherwise, a broad-chested guy with a confident look in his eyes and a swagger in his step is going to catch the eye of most women indeed. Nothing gives a man more confidence than a big penis. A man who knows that the schlong dangling in his pants is big enough to satisfy any woman walks around with an “I don’t care” kind of aura.

Women Aren’t Naive

You can bet your life that women notice that for sure. Women don’t care a lot what a man says since most men have little to say that interests a woman. But they pay strict attention to the subtle signs in a man’s attitude. Women think: “If he looks confident, then there must be something about him that makes him so confident. This could be interesting”. A big penis is your ticket to that show of confidence that is not a sham, but the real thing.  Are you afraid that women may look down on you? Are you suffering from low-confidence and anxiety? Then penis enlargement is the best solution for you. The minute you stop worrying, it’s their turn to be anxious.

Big Penis

A big penis has a lot of benefits and no downside that I can think of. Well, maybe if you decide to increase your penis size to 8 or 9 inches; that could be a problem. But if you stick to a nice 7 inches which is comfortably above average, then you’ll reap all the benefits. Increased confidence, greater stamina in bed, better control of your ejaculation, longer sex sessions and more pleasure for you and the lady, all these can be yours. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem have no chance against a big penis. Women love big cock. While men will eye the bulge in your pants with envy. Now that’s what I call turning the tables!

Penis Enlargement Methods - Penise Size

Working and Safe Methods for Penis Enlargement

Being overall healthy means that you can already have PE. Health is what we actually need – healthy diet above all.

All working penis enlargement methods rely on the same proven medical principle. Knowing the underneath principle, allows someone to figure out if a method is legit or not. Every working penis enlargement method is leveraging the body’s natural repair process. PE relies on the basic principle of cellular division that happens as part of the body’s natural repair process. Essentially, it works in pretty much the same way your skin, muscles, nerves and veins lengthen in response to bone growth during childhood. The tissues are stressed, causing microscopic fractures that heal by filling in between those micro-tears with new cells.

Basic PE Principle

Traction is the most common way the PE works. It simply means stretching a tissue beyond its natural extended state. This principle is known for a very long time. The Batammariba, otherwise known as Somba people from Benin and Togo, are actually experts in the enlargement and elongation of the manhood and this was done during initiation long before the introduction of penis enlargement methods.

The Batammariba are popular for their elongation techniques. The penis enlargement and elongation procedure, which was mainly done among the Somba people, was part of the processes to initiate boys into adulthood. A traditional herb is robbed and pounded on the penis. Then, a branch of ivory or a tree is cut and a hole of a particular size is made for the initiate. This method puts his penis in it for some months until it reaches a particular length and size of his choice and can now remove it. During the final public rites of initiation, cowries are hung around their necks. Thus, rich clothes are draping over the shoulders of the initiates, and waists and horned headdresses are placed on their heads.

Doctors have also observed the effect of priapism over penis size. Priapism is the condition where a penis remains in a bigger than normal erect state for a very long period of time. A medical study shows that one possible outcome is megalophallus. From the study itself:

We report a little known sequel of priapism: painless megalophallus, with significant penile enlargement. The patient had had an intense episode of priapism 9 years previously and his penis remained enlarged.

The first and only penis enlargement method to be using this knowledge is the Legendary Enlargement system with its controlled priapism which emulates priapism in a safe way to obtain the same enlargement results that the doctors observed with their megalophallus patients.

Here are few methods that you can use to increase the size of your penis. I will give you the benefits and limitations of each of them so that you can pick the best suited for you. Of course, you can apply the Hawaiin fisherman method and choose to use many penis enlargement methods at the same time!

Penis Enlargement Method #1 – Shaving pubic hair

This one isn’t really PE method per say but it is so simple yet yield an impressive result that I cannot omit to mention it. I don’t know if there are still men not doing it but if you don’t:

Shave that forest so that the little bird can be seen and looks bigger!

Penis Enlargement Method #2 – Fat loss

Weight loss is a quite simple example to start increasing the size of your tool. First, if you have a lot of fat in the abdomen area, you could have literally inches of penis hidden by the fat that could magically reappear like a flower at spring when the snow melt. You know, great sex is an amazing motivator and many men will find the willpower to lose weight by knowing that by doing so, they will get a longer penis. But the truth is that it is even not the only benefits of losing abdomen fat. Abdomen fat is one of the highest risks to cardiovascular problems.

Secondly, more fat means more estrogen and less testosterone. Losing fat, will make your testosterone increase and this will lead to morning woods and more frequent erections.

Thirdly and finally, losing weight will improve overall blood flow and more specifically blood flow into the genital area. This will create harder and bigger erection.

Penis Enlargement Method #3 – Penis Enlargement Exercises

ok grip for jelqing

There are countless exercises to increase the size of the penis. I do not recommend the infamous jelqs which consist to from an ok sign with your thumb and your index fingers around your penis shaft at its base and push blood from the penis base to the tip of it by moving your fingers along the shaft. The reason why I recommend not doing this one is that it is very prone to injuries.

The best exercise for lengthening is manual stretching. It is as simple as it sounds. Grab your penis below the glans and pull it. Try to maintain the stretch for as long as possible. Take small break when exhausted and continue for as much as you have time for the exercise. Remember, consistency is key. You need to commit doing it daily for an extended period of time.

The main benefit is that you already have all the required equipment to practice it. The limitation is that it is tedious. If instead, you are using some device, you can install the device and do something else at the same time. Like watching videos, reading or even working. The other limitation may also be that the amount of force required to get result may not be met for some men.

One exercise worth mentioning that does not qualify as a PE exercise but may contribute to the erection quality by making erection bigger and harder is the kegel.

Penis Enlargement Method #4 – Extenders

It does the same thing than the manual stretching exercise except that it is a device that is performing the stretching. And it leaves your hands available for doing something else. There exist a research paper demonstrating the effectiveness of extenders. The main issue with the extenders is comfort. In order to achieve any result, you need to apply more or less the equivalent 4 pounds of traction force. This is a lot of force and with the majority of extender designs, this will cut blood flow into the penis glans and you cannot wear it for a very long time. As of the moment of writing this post, the best design existing currently are the vacuum attachement. If interested by an extender, make sure that the one you choose is of that type.

Penis Enlargement Method 5# – Stretching with weights

Weight hanging extend the penis in the same way than an extending device. There are maybe 3 differences between the methods. First, an extending device is more portable and discreet than a hanging weight. For instance, it is possible to wear an extender under clothes. The benefit of weight hanging over extenders is that you know the exact amount of applied force and you have 100% total control on it. You can finetune the stretching force by adding or removing some weight. Extenders stretching force comes from its springs located in the rods. And there isn’t much that you can do to tweak it. Lastly, you can apply much more force with hanging. Be careful. This also increases the risk of injury.

PE Scams

Any proposed penis enlargement method that does not leverage the PE basic principle either does not work or is something totally novel and new but more likely than not, it does not work. This is not an exhaustive list. I just to give you a brief overview of the most common ineffective PE methods. If you would like to know more the various PE scams out there, get my little black book PE scams.

PE Scam #1 – The vacuum pump

penis pump

This is a cylinder in which you stick your penis and sucks out air in and the resulting vacuum draws extra blood into it, making it erect and a little bigger. You then clamp off the penis with a tight ring like a tourniquet to keep the blood from leaking back into your body. Drawbacks? The effect actually only lasts as long as you have the ring on. While using it for more than 20 to 30 minutes can cause tissue damage. The pump is using as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Hence, is not proving to be good to increase the size of the penis though. The only exception to this rule is the pria pump design that is exclusive to the Legendary Enlargement system.

PE Scam #2 – Pills, supplements, ointments, and creams

penis pills

They don’t work. None of them because it’s safe to say that all of that stuff is complete nonsense. As it has been said previously, having a healthy diet may support PE. For instance, collagen intake may speed up these inflicted penile tissue micro-tears healing.

PE Scam 3# – Surgical Methods

penis enlargement surgery

The last and the method that is painful. It’s not only about that, but it’s also risky. I would not recommend this method because you are risking your life like the diamond mogul, Ehud Laniado who died on the operation table during the PE surgery.

Ehud Laniado died during his penis enlargement surgery

But, there are people that did surgery to increase the size of the penis. The American Urologic Association clearly states that surgical procedures have not been shown to be safe or effective for increasing the thickness or length of the penis in an adult. Possibly lower-risk procedure may work for certain men.

There are no well-studied approaches and no major medical organization approves of these surgeries. Thus, guys are about to travel to other countries for treatments. If that thought has crossed your mind, slow down. Because it’s time to have a frank talk with your doctor about the risks you’d be taking. The side effects of these surgeries are countless and include infections, reduced sensitivity, nerve damage, and difficulty getting an erection. Perhaps most scarring, disturbing can leave you with a penis that’s shorter than what you started with. Widening the penis is even more controversial though. Side effects can be unsightly a bumpy, lumpy, uneven penis or even death. You have been warned. Don’t go there…

Conclusion on Penis Enlargement Methods

Many men count on that increasing the size of their penis. They know that PE will make them more attractive and to be a better lover. Chances are your penis is below the optimal size range. And even just the fact that your penis is smaller than average, it may matter to your partner but she will never tell you to protect your ego. Hopefully, you have been educated enough to make good decisions about penis enlargement methods. The most important takeaway of this post is that no matter what you choose to do, safety should be on top of your mind at all time.

With all the information contained in this post, you are now armed with all the knowledge required to grow your penis. Before leaving, know that PE is a very long process and that results are varying from man to man due to physiology differences in penises from man to man. Not getting results from any penis enlargement methods happens to roughly about 10% of men. M9, the PE expert, author of the PE book Legendary Enlargement call this condition hard gainer. He has a solution for hard gainers and many other common PE problems and if you are interested to know more about his solution, you can check the Legendary Enlargement system page.


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