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Juice Rotation – Is rotating juices to heal ED useful?

Hello team! I have received an email from a client containing some fascinating questions about juice rotation. And they will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration for many of you… So without waiting anymore, here is the email:

Hi Olivier,

How are you?

For the last month I have been focusing and taking action on following a higher protein and lower carbohydrates eating plan. My eating plan has no bread and no dairy except milk in the morning. I am also doing high intensity interval training and running including weights in the gym with a proper stretching regime. I must say I have lost 7kgs and weigh 103kg now being 6ft 2 and age 37 I have more energy, more sex drive, have more spontaneous sexual hardness and energy in general, likely because of a natural boost to testosterone and growth hormone etc.

The point is, is that I wanted to get fit again and be eating a sustainable eating plan and now I am and I will now add your juicing recipes and possibly a natural herb supplement or two and solve the problem of only having a semi hard erection feeling 85-90% erection strength. I can still have sex but I am not rock hard and sometimes my sexual stamina is not very long. Sometime it is 5-10 minutes long at worst. Fortunately the changes I have made have improved this, but not solved it. I have banned porn, minimize masturbation from little to none. And I only orgasm when with a real woman during a sexual act.

Question: I am pretty sure you said in your ebooks to rotate and switch between 2 or herb supplements to preserve its effectiveness and so they do not wear off. So is this the case with your juicing recipes? Do you need to do juice rotation every few days between say 2-3 different juicing recipes so it keeps working and your body does not become too used to it like say drinking too much alcohol or drug taking?

Note: Never have done drugs and only drink very occasionally and especially now and want to do it all natural.

Long email I know, will appreciate your response.

Thank you,


Clinton, first of all, in the name of all the Team Juicing Masters members, I congratulate you to have decided to improve your health and sex life AND taking actions. You are now starting to see results of your choice. This is what happens when you follow the Ancient Vikings secrets

I foresee enjoyable time ahead…

Now concerning your juice rotation questions…

The importance of juice rotation

Herbs/supplements are entirely different beasts than food. Herbs are like natural medication (this is why you must verify with your doctor if you already take medication…). They contain chemical compounds that will alter positively your body functions. Their effect will diminish as your system get accustomed to them.

Whereas food, they feed your body with the nutrients that it needs daily. Of course, if you can increase the variety, the better it will be. It is because when you look into the food composition, you will see its vitamins and minerals composition but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Every food contains hundreds of different nutrients and each food possesses a unique signature of nutrients. So the more you can add variety to your nutrition the broader your coverage of different nutrients you will have.

That being said, some foods are so good that there is no harm at all to eat them daily, it is even recommended!

In that category, you have the green vegetables: The spinach, the broccoli.

For your second question, I have already replied to it, so I am going to refer you to the archive to have the answer…

Long story short: Do your best to put as much variety as possible but don’t go crazy with it either. It has to remain affordable and convenient. This is all that I had to say about juice rotation.


I’m going to conclude by commenting that while you see improvement in your erections quality and quantity, you still haven’t reached Eddie’s erection level yet and you still want to improve.

You have made improvements in the area of weight loss, fitness, cardio and nutrition.

Maybe there are still improvements to be done in these areas. Only you know but other factors can influence your erections like adequate sleeping. Here are some ideas on things that you could explore my secret hard erection tips…

Have a good one!

Oli L.
The Bold Beacon of Badass”


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