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Performance Anxiety ED: Erectile Dysfunction is not just physical…

I have suffered from Performance Anxiety ed myself. And the juices did help a lot but it didn’t fully cure me.

See, despite being in top shape and have the physical stamina of a stallion, I started to develop performance anxiety.

It wasn’t physical. It is a fact. I’m jacked like a horse and have been drinking my juices for at least a year…

It is psychological.

I just go out of my comfort zone like attempting threesomes or shit like that and I started to feel…


performance anxiety

Anytime you go out of your comfort zone; you may experience episodic Performance Anxiety ED issues. Even if the plumbing is in perfect condition.

The subconscious mind has 2 methods to tackle this anxiety. These methods come from our primitive ancestors. From a time where the world was a nasty and dangerous place. The act of having sex was placing our ancestors in a vulnerable position to potential threats. So the way to address that is either not to make sex possible by not having an erection at all. Or make sex as fast as possible. So the other way that performance anxiety may manifest itself is premature ejaculation. Also note, as an interesting sidenote, that some mammals have a penis bone to make sure that sex is fast.

Going out of your comfort zone may be several things:

  • A new partner
  • More than 1 partner simultaneously
  • A new location
  • A new experience (public sex, a new position, …)

Outside your comfort zone

If you have to maintain your erection or your erection is weak with your sexual partner and you have been drinking your erection juices for few weeks.


just ask yourself these 2 questions to find out if your ED is a performance anxiety ED

  1. Can I get an erection by myself?
  2. Can I get an erection with other women besides this one?

If you answered yes to these questions, the issue isn’t physical but instead is psychological.

The solution is not to try harder and harder to become more aroused.

Your efforts at trying harder to arouse yourself will only cause insecurity and panic which will only exacerbate your troubles. Arousal is not the problem, lack of relaxation is.

If you find yourself in this situation. Then stop focusing on trying to get more turned on. And focus on trying to become more relaxed. Slow things downs, release the tension in your body, and breath deeply. This will solve many of the physical performance issues that plague men.

That may seem counter-productive, in the case it happens, relaxation may be more appropriate than attempting to arouse yourself.

If you recognize yourself in the panic and performance anxiety description, panic hack, relaxation and meditation might help you to get rid of this problem that is between you and the sexual nirvana that you deserve by being part of the Team Juicing Masters.

If you think that you may suffer from performance anxiety…

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If you did recognize your problem while reading this post. Then you should look into the 9 steps plan to overcome performance anxiety ED…

9 Steps plan to overcome performance anxiety related ED


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