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Kegel Exercises for men: Origins, benefits and how to do them

Arnold Kegel coined the term “Kegel exercises” had for the first time in the year 1948. Ever since its start, it has played a key role in boosting the body fitness of human beings. The society at large considers that people can be fit only if they go to the gym regularly. One also needs to use equipment to maintain their physique. In the race of adopting modern techniques, some of the natural means of being fit to have been long ignored. Yoga and physical exercises still form an integral part of our lives. Likewise, Kegel exercises for men seem to be a handy tool to keep the body fit. This exercise form also helps in proper blood flow.

Man considering if doing kegel exercises for men would be good for him

Origin and Description of Kegel Exercises for Men

As mentioned earlier Kegel exercises originated in the year 1948. Arnold Kegel re-published a report in 1952 which enlists the key benefits of this form of exercise. The report states how important these exercises were in the life of men.

Arnold Kegel (1894-1981)

Arnold Kegel (1894-1981)

Kegel Exercises, are also known as the ‘pelvic floor exercises’. It includes contracting and relaxing of the muscles that form a part of the pelvic floor. We call them pubococcygeus muscles. Often, these muscles are referred to as “PC Muscles”. People call them that way because they have trouble saying the real name correctly (me included!). These exercises prove to be very useful. One has to perform the Kegel exercises many times each day for several minutes at one go. It is good to do them for a period of one to three months. These are the muscles which stretch between the legs attach to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bone. There have been some debates about if these exercises work or not. However, these exercises have helped people a lot over the years.

PC Muscles

Key Functions of Kegel Exercises for Men

These Kegel exercises cater to the various aspects of human health. They are as follows:

Urinary Health:

Surgical removal of prostate often weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Diabetic conditions or overactive bladder also does the same. For urinary and fecal incontinence in men, experts recommend pelvic floor exercises. This is a first line orthodox treatment. Evidence also suggests that biofeedback may prove to be great for incontinence.

Pelvic Prolapse:

The slipping down or forward of a body organ is a prolapse. Bulging of a pelvic organ into the vagina causes prolapse in women. In men, the mucous membrane (lining) of the rectum slides out of place. It sticks out of the anus causing prolapse in men.

Kegel Exercises for men decrease the symptoms of prolapse and its severity. One can boost the effectiveness of these exercises with feedback from experts.

Sexual Function:

Arnold Kegel’s in his 1952 report mentioned that women would reach better orgasm using this exercise. So recommend your partner to practice Kegel exercise to achieve better sexual pleasure. It was also found that these exercises can help men with erectile dysfunction. Even healthy men can benefit by doing the Kegel exercises daily. By doing so, they can achieve harder and stronger erections! In fact, doing kegel exercises for men is a key element to increase sexual stamina for men.

The prime objective of Kegel exercises for men is to improve muscle tone by making the PC muscles stronger.

Kegel exercise for men boosts sexual gratification. It also helps in reducing premature ejaculation in men. Also, Kegel exercises are quite crucial in cases of fecal incontinence. It helps in pelvic organ prolapse conditions such as rectal prolapse.

sexual gratification after having done kegel exercises for men

How do Men Benefit from Kegel Exercises

We have seen the key functions of the Kegel exercise. Now let’s talk about the benefits of Kegel. They may sound the same, but they are not. Kegel exercises have served to be vital in improving the sex life in men.

  • Training your pelvic floor muscle helps you in stopping premature ejaculation. It enhances your ability to hold back. When you are just about to climax, squeeze in your pelvic floor muscles to hold back ejaculation.
  • Kegel pumps more blood into your vital organs.Hence, this exercise improves your erection. It also helps in keeping a hard erection for longer time.
  • According to experts, the force of ejaculation can improve through continuous kegel exercise. In some cases, the volume of ejaculation is also boosted.
  • Some men dribble after urinating. Others complain of leaks while laughing loudly or stressing too long. Kegel improves such cases of incontinence.

How to do Kegel Exercise for Men

Now that you have seen all the key functions and benefits. I am sure that you start to be very eager to do the exercises yourself! Kegel exercises are very useful for men sexual health. Here are the 4 steps on how to do them:

  1. To start these exercises men need to find the right muscles. Stop urinating midstream to identify the pelvic floor muscles. You may also tighten the muscles that control the passage of gas.
  2. After finding the pelvic floor muscles, you can perform the Kegel exercise in any position.
  3. Next, the technique to perform this exercises needs to be very perfect. One needs to practice the exercises for at least 3 minutes for the muscles to contract and reduce. The focus should only on be tightening the pelvic floor muscles. The key aim should be to repeat the exercise for three times a day.
  4. We shouldn’t undermine the medical benefits of these exercises. Take special care not to flex your thigh, buttock or abdomen muscles. The exercises have been benefiting both men and women have over the several years.


Kegel exercises have proved to be crucial in the 21st Century. According to the World Health Organisation, Kegel exercises are better at improving fitness in people. This is in comparison to ordinary modern equipment which people use. From erectile dysfunctions to strong orgasms, the exercise has a range of sexual benefits. Experts have been recommending Kegel to men, for improving pelvic floor muscles. This exercise is the most natural way to improve voluntary control over bowel and urine passages. Finally, the kegel exercise and penis enlargement methods go hand in hand to improve your sexual satisfaction.


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