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Diet For Sexual Health Detox – Sexual Performance and Potency

Do you want to find out the sexual health detox tips for sexual performance? Detox refers to the process of removing toxins from the body. In this article, I explain sexual performance boost with detox, so it becomes easy to do. Read on and learn all the diet for sexual health detox tips!

The Interlinked Aspects of Sex and Diet For Sexual Health

Detoxification or Detox refers to the process of removing toxins from the body. And in the case of substance use, it refers to one thing. Detox refers to the period that the body get rid of any drugs or alcohol in the system. That, in turn, clears the toxic influence. A diet for sexual health is the perfect way to detox.

Sex therapist Ian Kerner says that to have pleasure inside the bedroom sometimes one has to step out of it. His book “Sex Detox” what’s the idea of a 30 day fast from sex to help renew the relationship. What’s more, the latest statistics of America show that 52% of men between ages of 40 and 70 have impotence problem. Now that is a real problem since Sex is an elemental center of any man or woman’s being.

Poor nutrient, high fat diet, overuse of drugs and stimulants and high-level pressure of work life. All of this leads to low energy and waning sexual prowess. And it is a fact that a man’s libido largely depends on his health conditions. Hence, healthy diet for sexual health greatly impacts any man’s sexual ability and enjoyment. This is an era of fast lives, challenging jobs, and advanced technologies. As a result, lowering sperm counts is a drastic issue with younger men.

diet for sexual health: fruit and vegetables for sexual health detox

The Problem of Declining Libido

80% of men who have erection difficulty are pressed with underlying mental or medical problems. From there, erectile dysfunction results out of poor health and side effects of pills. Thus, low libido, losing erections, and premature ejaculation can result out of the following factors.

  • Persons with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, or diabetes.
  • A long course of medicines – especially prescription of stress drugs, or blood pressure lowering pills.
  • Prostate problems.
  • Low intake of foods rich in Zinc content.
  • Intake of alcoholic drinks on a daily basis.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Chronically being under stress.
  • Lack of exercise and diet replete with fast food.
  • Emotional stress and anxiety with professional life.

Natural Diet For Sexual Health and Remedies to Counter Libido issue

A man’s sex drive depends on testosterone and a good supply of blood to the erectile tissues. Meaning, they must always rely on good nutrition and exercise. For better sexual performance, a strong libido is a foremost vital. And you can get this by observing the following steps.

  • Consuming food items rich in zinc namely oysters, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
  • Intake of Dopamine (L- Dopa) is closely linked to sex drive in men. Hence,  Fava beans are of great help.
  • Foods rich in minerals like shellfish, Greens, and whole grains are very helpful. EFA‘s from flax seeds and sea green are helpful too.
  • Legumes, fruits, and vegetables are rich in fiber which prevents atherosclerosis of the penis.
  • Losing weight is crucial. Every 15 pounds a man gains he loses half an inch from his penis.
  • Aromatherapy oils enhance sexual drive. These include cinnamon, cardamom, Sandalwood, lavender, Jasmine coriander, coriander, and patchouli.
  • One should avoid all kinds of drug use since it reduces sperm count.
  • Exercise helps increase sex drive. Exercising with one’s partner is very useful. Walking, dancing, swimming – all of it boosts circulation of body oxygen. As a result, exercise for the body is as useful as Viagra.

Low libido is a hormonal imbalance affecting many people across the world. Having an unfulfilled sex life creates both physical and emotional problems. And lack of desire is a hint that toxins are taxing your  body. Thus, excess of toxins always causes sexual dysfunction and adrenal fatigue among other hassles. Therefore, It is vital to rid the body of pollutants and toxins to boost a lagging libido.

The Sexual Health Detox Mantra for Sexual Renewal

sexual health detox: diet for sexual health

The art of mindful detox can further help improve sexual act in the following ways.

Exclusion of Refined Sugar Intake

A high amount of refined sugar intake makes the waistline go broad and disrupts sleep patterns. What’s more, it messes up with the hormones and makes one age faster too. So it is wise to cut sugar eating since it boosts energy level. Cutting sugar eating also creates a better mood for sex.

Adding Minerals to the Diet

The intake of additional minerals pushes out pollutants and toxins. That, in turn, helps make the digestion strong. Minerals help regulate moods and stress which are vital for good libido. Further, they balance the endocrine system. Apples help grow sexual stamina with its high levels of quercetin. It is an antioxidant flavonoid which helps improve endurance. Moreover, a diet for sexual health with fish, whole grains, and healthy fats helps improve erectile function.

Art of Yoga

Yoga helps one adjust in their skin by bringing awareness of one’s body. Further, it improves breathing posture too. Yoga consists of stretching and compressing of the body area. And that helps waste elimination which causes fatigue, disease, and low libido. What’s more, doing yoga will relax you and will help in sleeping better. And better sleep contributes to increasing sexual hormones.

Green Diet

Intake of green vegetables holds a high amount of chlorophyll. And that helps clean the body of heavy metals. Further, it is a well-known antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic. So sexual health detox boosts energy as well as sexual drive.

Daily Dose of Maca

Maca is a root from The Hills of Peru. It is a good source of protein and has lots of extra nutrients. Further, it helps enhance the immune system and creates a balance between the hormones. What’s more, it reduces anxiety too. Hence, as a natural aphrodisiac, maca raises libido.

Herbs and Raw Food Diet

A blend of natural herbs helps clean the system effectively. Detoxing the liver has amazing benefits for the libido. Raw fruits and vegetables in juice form are better for the system at times. However, this wants total restriction from eating frozen food. Moreover, Watermelon is a vital fruit which has similar effects as Viagra. That’s due to the fact that the Chemicals in watermelon relax the blood vessels too.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris comes from a flowering plant. It is a substance which helps in muscle building and creating lean muscle mass. What’s more, this supplement helps in raising testosterone levels too.

To Warp It Up

A clear knowledge of the right kind of food intake along with regular exercise helps to raise sexual potency. Further, making the right Lifestyle choices helps a person have a better mood and improved mental clarity. Sex is as much of a primary need as food, air, and water. And properly regulated body systems enhance its performance.

Is this post helping you to find out the sexual health detox tips? Do you now know how to boost your sexual performance and potency? Or maybe you know some other sexual health detox tips for improving virility? In short, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments part below. And do share this post with your friends on the social networks. Help them to find out the sexual health detox tips for boosting sexual act and potency.


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