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Maca Benefits: The Maca Team has all the black maca powder benefits

Maca and all its variants have great medical virtues. This post discusses maca benefits but focuses mostly on black maca. The focus on that type is because it has by far the most health benefits for men. Finally, I will review the maca team’s black maca powder benefits.

What is Maca? A Brief History

Lepidium meyenii, popularly known as black maca or Peruvian Ginseng, is a plant from the broccoli family. The root of this wonder plant is quite similar to that of turnips, having that famous bulb shape. Its nomenclature as Peruvian Ginseng bears comes from the higher altitudes of the Andes Mountains in Peru. It is the only place where it can be found! The modern world has known the existence of black maca in recent times. However, it has been in use in the region for more than 3 millennia. As a side note, Machu Picchu is a wonderful place to visit during a vacation to forget about your everyday concerns

the Maca team maca is harvested in Peru

The root, in particular, contains all the ‘good stuff’. Various preparation of the plant is popular in the region. In the international market, a dried and powdered root is popular. Capsules with the root extracts are in demand too. But, the powder form is the most versatile form.  The powder form offers the best maca powder benefits and this is what the maca team is mostly offering.

Please note that there are quite a few variants of the maca root. Generally, the variant depends on the color of the root bulb. Each variant being slightly more beneficial than the others for particular benefits. So, let’s see what are the maca benefits and maca powder benefits depending on its color.

Yellow Maca Benefits and Maca Powder Benefits

Yellow maca is the most common variation of maca and constitutes 60% of the annual maca harvest. This variety is a powerhouse comprising 60% carbohydrate. It also contains 12 essential minerals, 10 vitamins and almost 40 different fats and amino acids. At very high altitudes, it is useful in boosting libido and fertility.

Red Maca Benefits and Maca Powder Benefits

This variation of maca is either pink or light red. As compared to other Maca variants, the red Maca tastes sweeter and milder. Red Maca is usually the best option to keep a healthy prostate. It also plays a significant role in increasing bone density among women and children. Like all other Maca, red Maca increases overall libido and fertility too.

Black Maca Benefits and Maca Powder Benefits

In the world of superfoods, black maca, in particular, has created its position over the past few years. According to scientific researches, the intake of black maca leads to numerous great health benefits. The remaining of the article will focus on black maca.

maca benefits and black maca powder benefits

Why is Black Maca the Revolutionary New SuperFood for Men?

Unlike many other natural supplements, as of now, doctors know no solid side-effect of black maca intake. Next, the benefits that come with the intake of black maca, in its various forms:

Increases Libido and Sex Drive

Scientific Studies (this, this, this) conducted over the years have proven that the intake of black maca results in boosting of sexual desire among men and women. The below points highlight the key reasons behind the benefits.

  • The herb is rich in various compounds with a high nutritive value such as macaenes and macamide. These ensure a healthy sex drive in men.
  • Black maca also contributes towards boosting male fertility. Though, it doesn’t directly boost testosterone production. It works by boosting the levels of free testosterone and contribute directly to more sperm production.
  • It also ensures healthy levels of energy, stamina, and vitality in the body, which are vital for balanced sexual function.

A study done on human subjects in 2009 showed results among the men given black maca supplements for 3 months. Sexual functions improved within 8 weeks.

It has been noted that the red and black variants of maca are the best for this purpose.

Counters Erectile Dysfunction

Black maca is more useful in having proper blood circulation in the body. Hence, a regular intake works to prevent and cure erectile dysfunction in men by addressing directly the cause of ED. In a recent study, a  group of men suffering from ED took black maca supplements. According to the IIEF (International Index of Erectile Function), the erectile function went up to 5 for these men. Thus, experts concluded that black maca helped to treat mild ED.

Black maca has been found to be the best for natural treatment of erectile dysfunction.

the maca team along with its maca powder benefits will make your evening more exciting

Black Maca is a Natural Muscle Builder

Another black maca benefits is the fact that it is a natural muscle – builder, i.e., it is anabolic. Black maca is a rich source of protein and contains several types of amino acids. The amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and thus, contribute to muscle growth. A single tablespoon of black maca powder may contain as much as 4 grams of protein. This is quite high for a vegan protein source. More because the protein need of an average man is about 1.5 grams per kg of the body weight.

Also, the black maca is vegan. And it is one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians, compared to the likes of hemp seeds.

The variant most suited for muscle growth is black maca, either in the raw form or the gelatinized form.

Note: Gelatinized maca is not vegan.

Time to Boost your Energy and Stamina

Black maca is a great source of energy and stamina to improve performance. It boosts energy balance, as compared to most carbohydrates and caffeine. This ensures healthy growth in muscular energy and stamina. Black maca also helps in fast recovery from muscular fatigue.

A study on cyclists showed that the intake of black maca helped them perform better. The time taken by cyclists to complete a 40 km distance reduced within 12 days from the start. Black maca is most effective for this purpose.

Other Maca powder benefits

Thought that was all? Well, absolutely not. There are still more benefits to the intake of black maca, which are lesser known and are little less substantiated. To list a few:

  • Black maca is rich in Calcium and contributes to the strengthening of bones. The amount of Calcium is almost equal to 4 times that of milk, which is quite impressive.
  • Red maca is a popular anti-depressant and provides relief from low to mid-level anxiety. This makes it a popular choice of supplement for the treatments of depression and anxiety.
  • According to recent reports, the herb helps in boosting concentration, memory and mental focus. Black or red maca works fine for this.

The Maca Team’s Organic Raw Gelatinized Premium Maca review

In this video, I review the Team Maca’s Organic Raw Gelatinized Premium Maca


The features of that product are:

  • It is a mix of all 3 types of maca (red, yellow and black). That way you reap the particular benefits of all three
  • By being gelatinized, it makes the product much easier to digest. It is the best option for people having a sensible stomach

Now, I recommend buying your maca from the Maca team website because:

  1. Excellent quality among the best maca in the world
  2. 100% GMO-Free Products (Peru is 100% GMO-Free)
  3. 100% Organic Products
  4. Fair Trade Practices. That means that the maca team treats well their local workers. So, you can feel good about your purchase when you do it
  5. the maca team offers good prices

All in all, I see 2 options for you to reap all the maca benefits. You can opt for the raw black powder. Or, you can get the easier to digest gelatinized premium maca powder for having a wider range spectrum of maca benefits. Both are excellent choices. It only depends on what is important for you. The maca team will be happy to assist you making the best possible choice.


In the age where superfoods rule, maca has proved itself as one of the premier and most sought-after foods. This, coupled with the added benefit of having no side effects, seems to be a perfect fit. It not just increases muscle strength and stamina, but also significantly increases your sex drive. This could be your secret recipe for turning into a bedroom superhero.


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