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Why is Stretching Important – 6 Key Benefits of Being Flexible

Do you want to know why is stretching important? Being flexible denotes your ability to move the joints freely and easily throughout their range of motion. Flexibility ensures that you do not have improper posture and muscular imbalance. So you do not need to put extra stress on your joints – they work effortlessly. Further, it helps you maintain proper functioning of muscles and thus reduce the risk of injury.

Therefore, let’s browse through some of the key benefits of being flexible.

Why is Stretching Important: 6 Key Benefits

After reading about these benefits, it will be clear to you why is stretching important.

1. Improved functional movements

Flexibility allows you to make better moves to perform the chores of your daily life. Be it lifting your baby or bending down to pick up something. Stretching to reach the phone or mopping the floor or simply indulging in exciting and steamy intercourse. You could be a hero! On the other hand, being rigid and tight, you would have a restricted range of motions. As a result, all the activities may result in injuries. These include back pain, ankle pain, and hamstring injuries.

2. Better athletic performance

Being flexible is extremely crucial for the sportspersons. Being flexible means to promptly respond to changing terrain and environment. That, in turn, would help to build up muscle mass and keep the mind sharp. A flexible body ensures better control over your motor nerves. Thus it ensures promptness to cope with changeable postures. Good flexibility means a good range of motion around the joints. And that helps to make use of the full potential of muscles. Concerning sports performance, it can be said that flexibility is the key to broaden up the array of movements. And that makes it easy for an athlete to utilize his/her muscular strength, momentum and gravity to the optimal level. That, in turn, helps to excel at sports.

3. Better adaptability to postures

Poor flexibility can put strain and stress on the joints and muscles, especially at spots where there shouldn’t be. And this often winds up in poor posture. By doing stretches and flexibility enhancing exercises, you can make your body more flexible. As a result, you can correct your postures. You do so by bringing the balance back to the tension placed on the joint muscles which cross it. Stiff muscles lead to overexertion and change the way you hold the body in a relaxed state. Stiff muscles do all that while putting a strain on the joints. Gaining flexibility in the large muscles can notably reduce stress on the lower back and lessen chronic back pain. These large muscles are in the lower part of your body – like quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors.

4. A thrilling sex life

Exercises help you have improved sex life by enhancing bodily sensation and making you more flexible and physically fit. Better sex life is a great reason for why is stretching important. It helps ease pains and aches. It also allows you and your partner to try new, unique poses that otherwise might be hard to do. Gaining flexibility is the trigger to become vigorous without the fright of injury. Flexible positions are really fun that you must explore. Flexibility also means that you have been working on your body. So you know it better and feel better connected to it.

Why is stretching important: bedroom fun

5. Relatively less injury and illness

Being limber is vital during your workout session. It is so as it prepares your body muscles for sudden yet prompt movements. It also ensures enhanced blood flow to the muscles and joints as well as improved circulation throughout your body. And as you know, better blood circulation always ensures better shield against conditions like cardiac diseases and diabetes. A study pointed out that people age 40 and more, body flexibility ensures flexibilities in arteries. That, in turn, reduces the risk of heart conditions and even death by stroke or heart failure.

6. Flexibility training helps you to connect with your body in an amazing way

When we workout, we tend to go very fast that we just go out of sync with the body. Stretching provides you the chance to comfortably continue with the moves. Further, it allows you to work with the body while slowing down enough so you can feel what’s taking place. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your body and mind link to the mental and physical health.

The Secret to Renewing your Body

Healthy exercising means hydrating your body and making up for the fluid losses occurring because of sweat. Be sure to drink during exercise a quick sip every 15 to 20 minutes. That will help you stay hydrated. Otherwise, you could end up dehydrated or with heat exhaustion.

There is a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that did follow recreational runners. More precisely those who log more than three miles a workout. It has found that up to 80% of them eventually suffer a lower-body injury. These include hip pain, runner’s knee, shin splints, and tendinitis. This happens when you ramp up mileage too quickly, overstrain yourself, and ignore past aches. The active threat of running is overuse injuries. So increase your mileage by 10% every week. Or, if switching from the treadmill to outdoor running, cut your mileage in half and then build up by 10%. Get fitted for shoes at a running specialty store, where there are experts on hand to do a gait analysis.

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Mindful Exercising is the Key

So now that you know why is stretching important there is something crucial to keep in mind… In spite of the benefits, you should never overdo the stretching and flexibility exercises. This is because it can increase the risk of stress, strain, sprain, and dislocation. So take care of your body, listen to it, be gentle with it, move slowly and breathe. A quick and overextended stretch is very likely to wind up in unfortunate injury.

The chances are that you are not too flexible right now owing to lifestyle choices, obesity, and unhealthy diet. That makes your task of literally rebooting your daily routine and adapt to healthier habits, even tougher. If you are finding it hard to gather the motivation to overcome this mammoth challenge, I have something for you. I could help you achieve your goals with the minimum effort.

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