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Belly Fat and Erectile Dysfunction – Second best kept secret to be rock hard

Psst, ok I’m about to drop a bomb so listen carefully… belly fat and erectile dysfunction are linked!

I spilled the beans about the first secret here last week… Now I’m about to tell you about the second best secret to having the absolute hardest and strongest erections possible…

Do you know how you can be hard as a rock and possess legendary stamina that will give countless orgasms to your girlfriend?


According to doctors, fat and especially the belly one is nasty for your erections. It can make you impotent!

Belly Fat and Erectile Dysfunction are linked

And this is for 2 reasons:

  1. Fat cells produce estrogen and reduce testosterone level hence have a direct impact on libido and erections quality.
  2. Belly fat affects blood circulation including to your genital.

I know that it is very hard to lose weight but let me tell you something…

For every pound you lose, you will be getting harder and stronger erections

Everyone in the Team Juicing Masters can lose at least few pounds.

This is a duty.

My vision is to lead my tribe of men into having the biggest erections in the world so we can live in a world filled with sexually satisfied women…

This is for that reason that it is in my best interest to help YOU to achieve the best possible erections.

If we were all slim and lean, that would be so beautiful… Just let me show you what I mean by that…

belly fat and erectile dysfunction: Have your erections be rock hard like a rock!

What is the best way to achieve that?

John Romaniello: Belly fat loss expert for men

This my buddy John Romaniello. He knows the greatest in the fitness world including Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he did set as a mission to debunk the various health myths to help people to easily and effortlessly lose weight.

So, he developed a new method called MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) that makes it extremely easy to lose fat without too much effort.

One way that MRT does its magic, it is by increasing your testosterone and the Omega program works in synergy with Juicing For Your Manhood!!!

Learn about MRT fat loss method and get easily harder and stronger erections effortlessly in 21 days or less!!!


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