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Hawaiian Fisherman method : The #1 method to become a successful man

Listen, I know that with some plumbing issues or with some libido breakdown due to low-T, one of the last things in mind is to dominantly seduce women. Hence, it is too uncomfortable to make the first move… Also, it has been too long that you forgot how to do it suavely like THE alpha black panther of the club… If you feel like that, don’t worry. It is normal to feel that way and I know how it is… I have been in that situation before. Hence, I am going to teach you the infamous Hawaiian fisherman method to overcome your difficulty. Also, I know that in your position, what happens is that doing what needs to be done would require you to

go out of your comfort zone

and you don’t want it hard enough to

take action

This is a vicious cycle that is currently installing itself in your life. The more you wait to fix that, the harder it is going to become…

Hence, this situation reminds me 2 things…

When you have to remove a band-aid from a hairy area or when you need to go in cold water.

You know what I’m talking about…

So, there are 2 different strategies that you can adopt.

  1. You can opt for the slow and painful method. yurk. It is not for us.
  2. You take fast, decisive action.

Hence, think about your life…

A goal that you have set for yourself…

And once you know what it is…

Just stop thinking about it. and just do it!

You and I know what needs to be done…

You need to put in place a virtuous circle inside your body.

There are plenty of manifestation of that simple concept.

One thing put another one in motion…

A more healthy body will give you more stamina

More stamina will give you better sex

More sex will make you healthier.

The body influences your mind.

And your mind influences your body.

lot of you are already leveraging this powerful life principle in our daily juicing ritual to improve your life by juicing for your manhood

Now, I want you to imagine something.

I’m not asking you to tell me if it is possible or not.

Just shut down that pesky internal dialogue for just 1 minute or 2…

Close your eyes… take long breathes

Imagine that several very attractive women would express their attraction for you… every day!

Sometimes subtly and just by doing small things for you…

sometimes by the way they look at you…

some other times very explicitly…

This is your new life…

You are getting used to receiving all this beautiful female attention and you love it!

Can’t have enough of it.

You bask in the fantastic feminine energy pouring from every side.

You even start to notice some competition between 2 or more women to have your attention.

Just enjoy the feeling of being that man.

How confident are you feeling? Also, do you feel relaxed around them?

How good would it be to feel a continuous state of mild arousal?

How do you like it? Would you like your life to be like that? 😉

Do you think that having a life like that would be beneficial to your sex drive?

What would that do to your erections having all the attention of very attractive hot women?

Well, if and only if the idea does sound appealing to you,

I have something for you…

I would even say that it is very interesting.

But first…

Let me share with you another of my secrets for success…

It is called the great and wise

Hawaiian fisherman method…

WTH is that Olivier ?? 😉

Never been to Hawaii myself but I have heard that strategy somewhere and I knew deep down inside me that it was full of wisdom….

So here is what the smart Hawaiian fisherman method is…

To not worry about having something to eat for dinner,

every morning, he is throwing lines to catch fishes in the water.

How many lines do you think the fisherman is throwing?

1, 2??

Far from it!

The wise fisherman knows that if he did put just 1 line or 2, he would be taking a HUGE risk that no fish take the bait and he would end up going to bed hungry without having eaten anything.

Instead, he does throw a dozen of lines!

That way, with so many options, he is sure that at the very least, there is a line that will have caught a fish.

The wise fisherman knew that if he was opening several options all at once, this was a guaranteed success for him because he only needed one of the things that he tried to work. And better yet, if several lines were giving results, he would eat like a king that night… This is what the Hawaiian fisherman method is. You attempt several things all at once to solve a problem and that way, you immensely increase your chances of success!

Do you remember the small visualization exercise that I did ask you to do and then I asked you if you liked the idea if it was possible?

I know this guy, Thomas, who has a method called subliminal seduction. Once you learn it, you almost change nothing in the way your communicate. The way women perceive you and behave around you will change without no effort from you. Like magic. It is very interesting. I suggest that you take a look:

==> Check this out

What you do with all this new attention is up to you.

Please use your moral compass to guide your actions…

but no matter what do with all this newly found female attention. I guarantee you that this will have a positive effect on your sex drive, your erections, your energy level and your life in general. Life will just be better…

In short, Do what it takes to be a good fisherman… use the Hawaiian fisherman method!

Oli L.
“The Man Behind the Most Interesting Man in the World”


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