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Appetite Control: 9 Tips to Control Your Appetite to Lose Weight

Are you wondering how to maintain the perfect appetite control? To lose extra pounds, it’s important that you burn more calories than what you consume. And that indicates portion control. But that doesn’t mean that you need to take a little portion of every food you’re served with. You shouldn’t feel like you’re on a diet. Instead, make sure you consume fewer calories. Controlled calories lead to a healthy you. When it comes to eating, men are less likely to eat healthy foods. And they are more inclined to processed foods as they are less caring about their health.

While women tend to eat more fruits, vegetables, and yogurt, men eat fast foods, meat etc.  They tend to overeat driven by the temptation of eating and as a result, fail to maintain a healthy weight. The key contents of process food namely trans fat, refined grains and salt or sodium are responsible for boosting the level of LDL cholesterol while decreasing the level of HDL cholesterol and causing heart diseases and high blood pressure. And all of them lead to lower energy level and that in turn decrease libido.

What is the Secret behind Overeating Tendencies?

Appetite control for taking food can be done even better if you can address the key reasons for overeating.

  • You want to socialize. As a social butterfly, the last thing you’d do is rejecting an invitation for boys’ night out. The urge to being around others can be the reason for overeating.
  • You’re distracted. How many times do you eat without watching TV or scrolling your smartphone? Well, multitasking often lessens your ability to sense how much you’re eating. In fact, it leads you to eat more.
  • You eat to compensate needed rest. After a long hectic day without rest, instead of going to bed, you visit the kitchen. You do that for a sugary snack or a quick coffee fix.
  • You’re stressed. To recompense stress, people often tend to overeat.
  • You want to decompress. If you ignore to have adequate rest or maintain relationships well, you might feel like eating emotionally.
  • You’re tired. Lack of sleep and ensuing tiredness can have a major impact on your attitude to have more food.
  • You often eat out. Having more than 40% of meals outside your home may lessen your appetite control. This is because the portion size is out of our control and thus we often overeat.
  • You’re bored. Sometimes you eat just to kill your boredom and kill your time.
  • You eat out of your habit. Moms usually teach to eat everything you’ve on your plate. And this often leads you to overeat.

Why do We Depend on Processed Food?

Overeating is a big issue. It can be bigger depending on processed foods usage. And that ends up in several health issues. These issues include overweight, obesity, IBD, thyroid cancer, heart diseases, high pressure and even breast tissue DNA mutation. Yes, we often depend on processed foods to save our time and indulge our taste buds.

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Processed foods contain additives and other chemicals that eventually traps into the brain circuit to stimulate the desire for more. Such ingredients can even tap into the reward system of the brain. And they can create a loop, which included human desire to eat more, even when the stomach is full. Let’s have a quick look at the following statements which you can relate yourself with.

  • They’re easy and quick to get
  • They are delectable
  • They’re less expensive
  • I don’t have time to cook
  • I take this as a treat for myself
  • They compensate my hectic days
  • Having fast food is a fun

Appetite Control – 9 Tips to Control Your Eating

We’ve already had the basic idea of why we overeat. And we know why we often depend on fast food to fulfill our appetite. And that’s fine. But what about controlling our food habit, both in terms quality and quantity? Okay, let’s discuss how to control overeating without being hungry. We are doing that because appetite control is extremely important to control weight. And weight control is a cornerstone to ensure healthy, fit and attractive body.

1. Increase water intake

Plenty of liquid, primarily H2O plays the sole role in keeping our body hydrated and replenished. People often confuse hunger with dehydration. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you eating good food and away from frequent snacking.

2. Include veggie fillers

Bulk up your plate with veggies like broccoli to cut calories while filling your hunger fast. You can use spinach as sandwich-topper or make oatmeal stodgier with a few pieces of apples. You can also take whole-wheat pita instead of bread or add nutrients to pasta and just stir-fries.

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3. Take a lap before start

Before you serve yourself a dinner or take your portions in the party, take a lap; stroll around the table or buffet. Have a quick look at the offered foods. Now think about their calorie-quantity and food value, and then you serve yourself.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Don’t skip your breakfast. Instead, you should take a breakfast to keep your body and mind fueled up for the rest of the day. It will also keep you full by getting metabolism moving earlier.

5. Reduce responding to stress

Being stressed often lead to eating more as we already discussed above. How you handle your emotions and stress has a great impact on your food habit and eventually gaining weight. So try to relax instead of snacking when you feel stressed. Better you go for a walk or just take a few deep breaths to let the hunger hormones work judiciously.

6. Avoid multitasking during mealtime

Though convenient, multitasking during mealtime leaves a huge impact on health and how the body treats nutrients and hunger. Multitasking leads to less taste perception and tends to eat more until reaching the perception. It also impairs digestion through CPDR or Cephalic Phase Digestive Response.

7. Power up your plate with protein

Protein helps to sustain energy and feel cheered up all through the day. Begin your day with a healthy food note. Also eat regularly and at a regular interval.

8. Do exercise

Exercise is the best way to maintain the perfect appetite control. Exercise curbs hunger by controlling hormones like ghrelin and peptide.

9. Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol contains empty calories that your body can’t use well to convert into required energy. And as a result, you may end up developing belly fat. So control your intake to one or two glasses of alcohol on weekends only.

Reduce Your Appetite without Starving

There’s, in fact, no shortage of ways to reduce your appetite without leaving yourself hungry. While the tips mentioned above will surely help you control your hunger and maintain a healthy weight. And as you know healthy weight would help you keep your muscles and curves, and thus look more attractive.

Curbing your appetite and controlling your strong urge to eat your favorite food is an absolute challenge. It could even lead to temporary depressions and fatigues unless you are duly motivated and dedicated. I could help you in controlling your hunger pangs.

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