Men’s Health Blog: How to get rid of man boobs

How to get rid of Man Boobs

Why is it so important for men to know how to get rid of man boobs? Man boobs, moobs, male breasts or whatever you call them, the lumpy flabby chest is an absolute nightmare for any self-respecting man. Men who have boobs hate it. Women hate the men who have boobs. The effect becomes socially problematic & physically unmanly. Society considers men who have boobs as lesser men who are not male enough or not macho enough. This can turn off a woman. The confidence level can suffer a serious blow.

Man boobs can also be psychologically scarring and can ruin your love life and sex life. Studies by the University of Washington show that men continuously strive to meet certain social benchmarks of masculinity. So men who have breasts are prone to feel less masculine than men who have a fit physique. These men also consider themselves womanly. They feel that they are unfit for being a strong male father figure in their lives.

Man boobs

Male boobs can be a crushing handicap for those men who want to be manly. This hinders confidence. Thus men fail to bring their A-game when it come to interacting with women. Low self-esteem, poor general health & mental well-being are also prevalent in such men. This is because man boobs are only 1 of the many low testosterone symptoms. Fortunately, we are here to tell you how to get rid of man boobs with  few ways.

What are male boobs?

These enlargements are harmless. Male breasts are a result of being overweight or physical changes during puberty. There are also hormonal changes where testosterone turns into estrogen. This can also cause a change in the male chest structure. Sometimes male boobs develop and automatically disappear. Sometimes, they keep on staying and that is where all the problems arise.

How to get rid of Man boobs?

Many of us think that male boobs are like a permanent disability. Men think that they cannot cure man boobs and their lives are forever ruined. This is far from the truth. We are here to break this myth and give you a new lease on life. There are many simple ways to treat this condition. We can make little lifestyle changes and get awesome results. Let us look at some of the ways we can about how get rid of man boobs.

1. Creams: Rub and remove

You will find many non-invasive treatments for male boobs and creams at the top of the list. These are mostly applicative ointments and do not need any help or equipment. But these might not be the safest options available and can be risky if you are not careful. Take a good look at the ingredients and understand how each component can affect you. There are many options for such creams on the Internet. You should consult with your doctor before you choose one.

2. Exercise: Sweat it out

This is the best way when you want to know how to get rid of man boobs. Sweating it out and working hard regularly does the trick. Sedentary lifestyle often causes abnormal growth in the chest area. Exercise gives us a very active lifestyle. Regular activity will lead you losing those pouches of fat and your breasts along the way. Start with a low-intensity routine and gradually ease into a more intensive workout. Weight lifting and cardio are also viable options. These are the best types of routines for how to get rid of man boobs.

You can practice deadlifts or dumbbell bench press. Reverse lunge and military press are also some of the exercises you can opt for. All these exercises help you to get you the greatest benefit so that you can easily get rid of those male breasts. Goblet squats or kettlebell swings are also some of the best kind of workout. These can help you to get rid of your chest fat. It will also give you an active lifestyle.

How to get rid of Man Boobs: exercise

3. Liposuction: Sucking those boobs off

While many of us are opting for non-invasive techniques, we know that those take time and patience. But there is another option if you are willing to spend more money. In this case, liposuction can be your most favored option. This process involves going under the knife. But the pain and risk in this process are very less. This process initially melts the fatty tissue deposit in your chest area. Next, it takes out the now liquid fat out of you bode. This effectively removes the fat and gets your chest back in shape. This works best if you do not have a lot of fat. But, be careful if hormonal issues cause the development of male breasts. In that case, liposuction might not be a permanent solution. Otherwise, this is a quick, simple process but just a bit expensive.

4. Diet: Eat right to look right

We consume fat through our diet. These fat make up the male boobs. Quite simply, to remove male boobs we need to burn those fats. Exercise helps us to do that. An even simpler technique is to not have the fat in the first place. This is where a good diet plan comes in. Opt for low fat, low carbs diet that helps you shed those fat pouches quicker. Cook recipes that boost testosterone production. You can do so by selecting the best foods for testosterone production. Couple that up with some solid exercises and you are very good to go. Excessive alcohol, cannabis and steroidal supplements can also cause male breasts to grow. So, it will be better to stay away from those things too.

How to get rid of Man Boobs: Avoid excessive alcohol

5. Pills and Medications: A clinical solution

If you want some medications for your condition, then those are available too. Visiting your physician is the best way of going about this. Be aware and do not opt for medicines that do not have any additives and preservatives. Those might do more harm than good. The pills and medications are cheaper than surgeries. They also take time and you will need to wait a long time to see a fair bit of results. This is a safe way of getting rid of your boobs if you consult it with your physician. You can opt for it if you would rather have medication helping you and not strenuous exercises.

6. Mastectomy: Going under the knife

Mastectomy is a more serious and expensive procedure. This process is entirely surgical. This is an expensive way but it gets you almost instant results that many men seek. Be careful as this is not only very expensive but also there is a risk of scarring and infections. The operation is very quick and the recovery time is also short. While this procedure does give you quick results, there is a certain amount of risk involved. You need to be clear whether you want to opt for such invasive technique. If not, you can rather opt for dieting and work out.


In short, man boobs are a terrible curse for those who suffer from it. Modern technology and medicinal science have made it possible to answer a very common question. How to get rid of man boobs? Some of these processes are non-invasive and cheap. But these need hard work and patience. Other procedures are expensive and invasive but do get you quick results. Fortunately, there exist a rare method that is inexpensive, fast and safe. You need to understand your body type and what you are seeking at the end. According to your needs and requirements, you need to opt for a path that gets you what you desire. A healthy new life where you are the man of her dreams.



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