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Green Drink – Are you skipping juicing some days?

It happens to all of us, even me. When the fridge is empty and you are about to do your grocery to buy more veggies. So, you have nothing to prepare your daily green drink. Sometimes, you can get away with an empty fridge and find a healthy substitute for some missing ingredients. Some other times, unless you grow your vegetables, you cannot!

Or, you are on a trip for few days.

Maybe you are even in crisis mode at your job. Like you do nothing else besides working and sleeping for few days.

It does happen to me sometime and I used to skip my juicing ritual for few days.

empty refrigerator

Few days is enough for me to feel the difference in my energy level.

Green vegetables have amazing health benefits and lack of them in your diet shows rapidly. Some people take more than 1 juice per day and it is ok as long as it is not only fruit juices. Remember, your body needs variety so 1 green drink per day is best and you will feel it if you are few days without a good green drink…

I’m sure you can relate and you have done it too sometimes.

(If you never skipped a single of juicing. I want to know. Leave a comment below and let me know!!!)

This situation doesn’t happen to me anymore. And, I’ll tell you why.

Because I do something else which has resulted in a pretty amazing transformation.

Today, it’s OK if I skip a few days from juicing and eating my veggies (as long as you don’t take something bad for your health instead…).

I know that sounds like health heresy, but hear me out, ok? I promise you’ll like it.

A good friend sent me a jar of this fantastic green substitute.

I have to tell you, I’ve tried a lot of green drink. I have a shelf full of them. They taste awful, don’t they?

Not this one. For some reason, it tastes incredible!

It’s been voted the #1 best tasting green drink!

green drink

So here’s what I’ve been doing:

When those urges to backslide on my veggies hit, I drink this. I’m told it’s like eating 3 big kale salads in one glass. For this reason, you’re drinking your salads!

I chug a glass down for the day and I’m good to go. It puts a smile on my face.

Now, when I do go back to juicing, as I always do and start eating my veggies again, I still drink this because, well it tastes great and it’s really good for you. Trust me, you can feel the goodness.

I even put a scoop in my juices just as a nutrition boost. It does contain the very powerful antioxidant turmeric. Also, studies show that turmeric is very potent protection against cancer.

I’ve even heard people losing weight drinking this. I know I didn’t gain any when I was on my veggie sabbatical. Which is VERY unusual.

So losing weight is good. And, having it taste good is great. Now, I don’t feel guilty for taking a break from my veggies.

In conclusion, the best way to find out is to try it for yourself and see what happens.

–> Watch the video here

Oli L.
May you never be ignorant of carnal knowledge

PS: I’m in no way saying you can forget your veggies. They’re gotta-haves. But on those days when your taste buds are complying? This is the best substitute I’ve discovered.