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Affordable Juicing – Make juicing cheaper by Juicing on a budget

Hi guys, I have a Team Juicing Masters fellow question about affordable juicing! So, let’s see if we can help him:

Hi Olivier,

Thank you for your daily newsletter. I really do appreciate the health aspect of your content, its certainly a holistic approach. I do find an overall improved level of health and concentration. If you were to have 1-3 regular drinks, as a basis to achieve these results which ones would you suggest?

I find some suggested drinks can start to be on the expensive side. And while health is important it also becomes a question of sustainability.

I’m really keen to commit to this and would really appreciate your help in sifting through all this great info.

Bryan R., Australia

Bryan, firstly, I want to congratulate you to have taken the right decision to take care of your health. Being healthy and strong is what makes a man feel like a man.

50 years ago, there was less office work and more physical jobs. So, men had no other choice to develop their physical strength. Food and meals were more healthy. Today, with all the office jobs, one of the only way to develop your masculine energy is to work out. And do sport to develop your strength

A strong man is a HUGE turn on for women!

Like Bryan, more and more guys from all over the world start to join the Team Juicing Masters revolution. This is amazing because we are different. We are different from those who watch TV and take as truth all the BS told by mainstream media. We take ACTION like real men.

So to get back to your question Bryan, Here is what I would do.

Affordable Juicing

Instead of finding 1-3 regular juices, I would find food that you want to take regularly. Make your choice based on the goals that you want to achieve (increase T, erections, more semen).

For me that would be:

Then I would find recipes containing those.

Also, if you want super healthy and affordable juicing, you can grow yourself the vegetables. It is much cheaper than buying your vegetables at the grocery. Not only that but you are guaranteed that your vegetables will be the best that is possible to have.

Big producers only care about having a good price for their production. Their main concern is not to grow the healthiest possible vegetables. Their #1 concern is having the best looking product and sell it at the highest possible price.

They may even not want to eat their vegetables because they know how they have been produced.

You can trust no one when it is a question of nutrition. Not even the vegetables tagged as organic. You cannot be 100% certain that they are really good. Only the vegetables that you grow yourself that you can have total confidence in their quality.

And oh boy.

Did I mention that if you do juices with these pure foods, the juice potency will be AMPLIFIED?

So if you want to have your juices supercharged,

>> Check this out

To conclude, I hope this helps to make affordable juicing!


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