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Viking green smoothie: What Viking warriors drank before battle…

Yo! What’s up? Dear God, I almost didn’t recognize you… That sly smirk of a dominant man creasing your lips… The rivers of testosterone spurting out of every cell in your body, giving you that natural manly musk that draws opportunity and hot women to you like iron filings to an electromagnet. Good show ol’ boy… good show. In today’s action-packed, inspiring and always uplifting edition of Olivier’s Health Tips… Hence, we’re going to continue with our ancient Viking theme by talking about a Viking green smoothie.

viking green smoothie made viking men fearless

Did you know… that Icelandic lore tells of ancient warriors so fierce that they would march headfirst into battle without armor?

Pretty badass right?

I thought so too. Also, these warriors were called “berserker” from which we get our word “berserk…”

Or as I like to say “crazy, badass mutha fvckas.”

But modern scholars have long debated what gave them their almost supernatural ability for fierce, take-no-prisoners warfare.

What primal force was swimming in their blood when they blitzed headfirst into battle… Completely unprotected like the medieval European warriors they faced…

And minced them to shreds like a veal shank tossed in a wood-chipper?

Was it hallucinogenic drugs?

Was it rivers of alcohol?

Some strange, rare compound that gave them unnatural, and age-defying energy?

The true Viking green smoothie recipe may have died along with these fabled warriors…

But I do know of such a thing that can give ANY man the kind of time-defying energy and power that makes him a man possessed…

Even if he’s allegedly “past his prime,” has bad genetics, or hasn’t seen the inside of a gym since the Reagan administration.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of taking a multivitamin right? Doctors have been recommending this kind of protective health protocol for decades. Not only does it ensure that you have a powerful immune system that can shield you from diseases that age you prematurely…

But it unlocks your natural healing power and coats every cell of your body in a golden-halo of man enhancing goodness that you can actually FEEL.

So every day you wake up and feel better, stronger and more powerful than the day before.

But there is a small problem…

That is… that name-brand multivitamins on the shelves of your local grocery store or pharmacy can’t do their magic.

That’s because of the distilled forms of the vitamins and minerals… those little gifts that reverse premature aging and restore you to manly glory can’t be absorbed by your body.

They’re going to waste.

Just making expensive urine.


I know it sucks.


There is a way to make sure that you do inject the cells of your body with the age-defying excellence your body craves…

Greens supplements.

Not exactly like the green tonics that improve your sperm production…
But ones that flood your body with vitamins and minerals that you can absorb.

But there’s a problem with most of these premixed greens supplements.

I tried a bunch of them and most taste like fermented ass crack. You don’t want to eat fermented ass crack do you?

Didn’t think so. Beyond that a lot of them just aren’t made under the strictest quality standards and cheat on their label ingredients.

So you’re not getting what you pay for.

But… my boy Drew Canole doesn’t play that game. So, his awesome greens drink… It’s called Organifi… with which you can create a real Viking green smoothie. Tastes amazing, actually contains what it says it contains… And it also gives you that Viking Warrior Energy that boiled in the blood of the Icelandic Lords of Yore as they raced into battle.

>> Pump Your Body With The Primal Power of the Viking Warlords

Now, this kind of Viking green smoothie isn’t a substitute for the man enhancing the power of the smoothies you’ll find inside of my best-selling Juicing For Your Manhood series…

But it does give you the health-boosting benefits of a multi-vitamin in a form that your body can use.

So, give it a shot.

I’m gonna drink a Viking green smoothie right now as a matter of fact.

In short, Hope you have a great one too champ.

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention that Organifi contains an ingredient called EGCG, which is an ultra-potent antioxidant that destroys stress and supports higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone. What this means for you is that you can recover faster from your gym workouts and squeeze more life-extending power out of every hour of sleep. Just a little added bonus to help release the Primal Viking Warrior Within.


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