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Pomegranate Substitute in juicing recipes for an almighty Manhood!

Today, I am going to reply a reader’s question. The question is about some pomegranate substitute that he could use. It is for when doing juicing recipes that list pomegranate as an ingredient and none are available around…

Hi postman! Hit me with another question!

Robert wrote this:

I have been juicing for about 3 weeks. And, I have a couple questions for you.
I have been juicing fruits in the morning and vegetables in the afternoon.
1. Since I have been trying all the recipes, is it just as good to focus on few different recipes? This could cut my grocery bill down. And also reduce the wasted fruits and vegetables that have gone bad before I could use them.
2. Your recipes use pomegranates. These are not readily available and are rather pricey. So, what is a good pomegranate substitute?

Thank you, Robert. I’m so sure that you are not alone having this type of questions. Hence, I’m going to answer the group!

1. Variety is best but focussing on a smaller set of recipes is good too

Firstly, you need to find the right balance between variety and a grocery bill that will make you comfortable.

The last thing that I want you to do is to waste food!

As you continue juicing, you will develop a sixth sense for that. And you will know exactly the right amount of ingredients to buy for your needs without any waste.

Also, the other thing that I can say is that:

Everyone has core ingredients

The best pomegranate substitute is foods that I’m calling superfoods. They are foods that doctors and nutritionists recommend to eat daily. As a result, I have them in my bags everytime that I go to the grocery:

Then around those core ingredients, I do add a layer of variety. But you don’t need to go through all 17 recipes every week!!

Also, you need to adapt to the seasons. I love watermelon very much for its taste and beneficial properties for the manhood but it is damn expensive during winter…

2. Properties of a good pomegranate substitute

The pomegranate is an exceptional fruit possessing unique nutrients that are amazingly good for your manhood. In a nutshell, here are the nutrients that you get from the pomegranate:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • A lot of antioxidants

That being said, it is true that its availability varies based on the time of the year. I’m not eating pomegranate all the time myself because of that.

A good substitute for the pomegranate is any food having a high concentration of antioxidants. For that reason, berries of all sorts are very good for that. Juicing For Your Manhood to increase your T levels contains an exhaustive list of food having the highest concentration of antioxidants. These are the ingredients that you want to focus on when you cannot have access to the almighty pomegranate!

To conclude, if you haven’t bought any of my juicing recipes books yet, I have this fantastic deal: 3 Juice recipes for your manhood for only $3…

Hope this helps!
Happy juicing everyone!

Oli L.
“The Man Behind the Most Interesting Man in the World”


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