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Sex Problems With Alcohol – Alcohol is not Enhancing Sex

Alcohol is a social lubricant for sure. Drinking it makes people happier and fosters sexual feelings. In the words of William Shakespeare “alcohol provokes the desire, it takes away the performance”. However, alcohol is not boosting sex. In fact, there are a lot of health problems with alcohol. Notably, there are a lot of sex problems with alcohol. As the amount of alcohol rises in the body, the ability to sense sexual triggers in the brain lowers. Alcohol bears a strong dampening effect on the brain’s prefrontal cortex area. So drinking two-three pegs of alcohol increases the sexual urge in men as their blood alcohol level rises. But alcohol causes lowering of mood and the sexual desire. Also, alcohol delays reaching an orgasm and getting an erection.

man having sex problems with alcohol

6 Sex Problems with Alcohol Drinking

More alcohol drinking has a bad effect on the male reproductive system. It plays havoc with the male body such as the risk of having unsafe sex. Therefore, the effect of alcohol raises the chances of having STDs.  So, let’s find out the sex problems with alcohol in details.

1. Sperm Production

For healthy sperm creation, the body must produce testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle boosting hormone. All these hormones together help to maintain Sertoli. This is the “nurse” cell within the testicles that aid in sperm production. Sertoli creates a protein to nurture sperm and develop them naturally. As per studies, alcohol drinking lessens these hormones and results in bad sperm. The sperm, in turn, lacks the motility to reach out to the egg. Alcohol drinking depletes the sperm count, density, morphology, motility and so on. So alcohol has a bad effect on male fertility.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Alcohol raises angiotensin, a hormone related to erectile problems. It is a peptide hormone that causes a spike in blood pressure. High blood pressure stops the dilating of arteries that carry blood to the penis. Also, alcohol impacts the smooth muscles in the penis from relaxing. So the penis fails to get erect. Drinking causes dehydration and less blood volume in the body. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction because of alcohol, you can swap alcohol with these healthy drinks to fix ED.

3. Whiskey dick

Whiskey dick is an alcohol-induced erectile problem. Having too much alcohol expands the blood vessels in the penis. This allows more blood flow. This further prevents the vessels from closing. The penis does get hard however it does not remain so for long. This is because the backflow is not blocked. The blood, in turn, drains back to the body and makes the penis flaccid.

Whiskey dick is one of the sex problems with alcohol

4. Poor Ejaculation

Poor ejaculation is another one of the many sex problems with alcohol. Alcohol works as a depressant shutting down the nervous system. More alcohol drinking reduces the sensations to the nerve endings. It stops the flow of messages from the brain down to the body. So this causes poor ejaculation. You should check this solution to improve the quality of your ejaculations if you suffer from poor ejaculation.

5. Beer Goggles

Beer goggles is a common term used to describe lack of sexual control. Someone not very sexy appears sexy under the effect of alcohol. So, what it does to you is that you go to bed with stunning girls at the end of the evening. Then you wake up with ugly girls in your bed when you wake up sober in the morning!

beer goggles is one of the sex problems with alcohol

6. Testicular shrinking

Drinking in excess not only lowers the testosterone production but causes shrinking of testicles as well. A long history of alcohol intake prompts changes in the shape of Leydig. The Leydig cells are located close to the seminiferous tubules (where sperm production happens). Alcohol drinking leads to the shrinking of the tubules. In fact, studies have shown that drinking of alcohol alters the testicular energy metabolism. The sperm cell mitochondria, on the other hand, leads to cell death. All these complex processes together cause testicular shrinking.

alcohol drinker worried about his balls shrinking

Give Up Alcohol for a Better Sex Life

The central nervous system controls the sexual function in the body. Alcohol acts upon the nervous system as a depressant. Too much of alcohol is a passion killer. Having a strong libido is crucial.  Heavy drinking causes low sperm count in men which is a sign of poor fertility. Quit alcohol to restore sexual function in the body. Besides upsetting the metabolism of the body, binge drinking leads to severe weight gain issues.  So, say no to alcohol for better health, wellness, sexual prowess and stay away from sex problems with alcohol.


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