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Overcome lack of sensitivity and difficulty to climax for men

Hello champion! Every hero at some point or another has or will need to overcome difficulty to climax for men

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So what I have for you today is a reader question.

While some younger men suffering from premature ejaculation and are looking for ways to increase their stamina and last longer,

older men sometimes have the opposite problem…

So, here is a question about how to overcome difficulty to climax for men that I have received from Peter.

Peter’s email:

I am 74 years old and my girlfriend is 70. We have been together nearly four years and usually have sex several times a week. But I have a couple of issues that I would welcome some advice. Maybe your juices will help, who knows? I get quite good erections and my GF gets very wet with some foreplay. I have lost a lot of sensitivity over the last few years so I take an absolute age to climax. It takes well over half an hour.

Often I don’t have enough energy to get that far which leaves my GF very frustrated. She would love us to come together but it almost never happens. And when I do, the amount of semen is extremely low and reducing all the time as I get older. Your thoughts on this would be most welcome. I would like to know if you hav ideas on what I could do to overcome difficulty to climax for men…

Looking forward to being a member of your group,

Best regards,


Peter, I am glad that you asked me the question on how to overcome difficulty to climax for men because you are far from being alone to have that issue.

When I was roughly the half of your age, I was suffering from more or less the same issue. I had to overcome difficulty to climax for men.

In fact, I have found that my condition was related to low semen production.

The whole point of the masculine orgasm is to expulse the semen.

Hence, if there is not a lot to release, this makes it harder to reach the orgasm.

My juices will help you with the sensitivity issue.

First, you can dig into the newsletter archive. A good starting point is this email that I sent no so long ago in which you the ‘best of’ my archive is highlighted for your reading pleasure.

These are mostly general bits of advice to improve your overall health. But they will also, more importantly, improve the male sexual function.

Using some or all of these bits of advice will undoubtedly improve your pleasure during intercourse.

Here is a simple trick to try:

Stop trying to overcome difficulty to climax for men: Climax isn’t mandatory!

Climax fluid

I don’t know how long would last your ideal lovemaking session but if it is 20 minutes. And as things are today, you need an hour before climaxing.

In my opinion, it would be much more enjoyable for both of you to do 3 small short 20 minutes sessions during the day than having a single long one.

For one, it will remove the performance pressure. You don’t need to climax. You can focus on the sensations you receive.

This is a form edging. This is 1 of the FREE secrets that you can get to increase your semen volume. The principle is that the more sexual stimulation you receive, the more semen will be produced and stored in your glands.

This semen will create a pleasurable pressure and increase your sensitivity during lovemaking.

The beauty of this method is that it doesn’t need to be done all at once in a single long session.

The effect stack up.

You can be stimulated for 3 short 20 minutes sessions. And at each session, you should feel your sensitivity increase and experience increased pleasure.

That increased pleasure is caused by the accumulated semen.

And guess what will happen when you finally climax?

This is going to be an explosive long and intense orgasm…

overcome difficulty to climax for men and explode orgamiscally for the great pleasure of your partner

In case that your partner does not like the idea of intercourse without you climaxing, there are 2 workarounds that I can think of.

1. Communication to convince your partner to do some experimentation

Communication is key. Women are in some way like men. For men, it is critical to give pleasure and orgasms to their partners. It is the same way for women. If their man doesn’t cum, they will start wondering if they are not hot and sexy enough for their partner. They will take it personal.

You need to reassure her that if you don’t cum, it is not her fault.

Also, You find her sexy and very desirable.

Finally, You enjoy very much making love to her. Climax or not.

Propose to try my suggestion for few days. Sex is not just intercourse. As long as you don’t climax, there is a delightful tension. The way you look at your gf, that you are going to approach her from behind and kiss her on her neck. I’m sincerely convinced that trying this will enhance the satisfaction of both of you.

2. Prime yourself beforehand

Perform the edging alone in the hours prior the intimate encounter so that you have plenty of sensitivity down there.

That way, it will be easy for you to climax when you want.

It may even be hard to control yourself and not climax because the sensations will be too intense.

If this option sounds appropriate for your situation, know that with the Paint Her Face Formula program, there is a bonus book called Mangasm Multiplier that can assist you in this exploration.

On this, I wish you a lot of fun!!!

You coach,
Oli L.
May you never be ignorant of carnal knowledge


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