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How to increase sexual stamina: 8 tips to last longer for men

Do you Last Long Enough in Bed?

A recent study published by the American medical council has studied men between the age of 21 to 35. The study did ask the men how they were rating their own experience while having sex. As much as 73% of men have complained that they last shorter in bed than what they thought they should. When you think about it, this is a lot of men… It is nearly 3 out of 4 men that are not happy with their sexual stamina! A majority of these men have said that this inability to last longer has caused a rift in their relationship. Also, this lack of sexual stamina has hurted their confidence and mental well-being. If you are having the same problem, then you have come to the right place. And we will show you how to increase sexual stamina.

how to increase sexual stamina

Why More Men are falling Prey to Decreasing Stamina

Many things rob men out of their libido and potency. Among those things, there are crazy work schedules, too much fast food and being immobile for long hours. In addition, having too much stress too much often is bad as well. On top of Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction that 1 in every 10 men face, not being able to last longer in bed is a traumatic nightmare for many men out there.

How to increase sexual stamina: 8 tips to Last Longer in Bed

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #1 – Try Different Positions

One of the easiest ways of tackling shorter sex spans is by introducing a bit of variety in your routine. Positions, where the man and woman engage perpendicularly, are good. One example of such positions is the Cross. The cross position requires the woman to be on her back. And the man must position himself under her legs on his side perpendicular to his partner. Make sure that the genitals are aligned together and you are good to go! Doing these positions is a great way to last longer because they limit the range of motion. And it makes it tricky for you to do deep penetration. At least not as deeply as you could in a more traditional position like doggy style or missionary. This not only spices up a dull routine. But also gives the man enough time to excite the woman to a climax without climaxing himself.

How to increase sexual stamina: Try Different Positions

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #2 – Doing regularly Kegel Exercises

The ability to perform longer and engage in vigorous sexual acts depends a lot on one factor. The ability depends on how the pelvic floor muscles are able to hold the dam. Doing exercises that strengthens this core sexual muscle has more benefits than just increase the probability of you last longer. It can also help with issues like incontinence, weak erections and weak orgasms. Pilates, yoga or Kegels, all of these methods will prove fruitful over time at one condition. It will work if you put in continued time and efforts over a minimum of three to four weeks.

Kegel Exercises for more sexual stamina

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #3 – Edging Techniques for Delayed Climaxing

You might have heard of techniques like the “Squeeze” or the “stop-start” methods. All these methods try to make you learn your biofeedback and make you able to control it over some time. In both methods, the aim is to bring you close to climax but then to stop and control your ejaculation. By repeating this process over many times, your body learns to respond in a controlling manner. Over a number of weeks, this will lead your biofeedback to self-regulate your remission from the excitement. In the end, it will help you to delay the ejaculation and let you engage in longer sessions, without ejaculating.

Squeeze technique to increase sexual stamina

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #4 – Improve your cardio

Let’s be honest here. Having sex is an intense physical activity. The extra physical stamina that you gain everytime that you do cardio is directly transferable in bed for amazing results. I personally do Crossfit. Sometimes, it is the most painful 20 minutes of my day. But guess what. Once it is done, I just feel great and it makes a HUGE difference in bed. I easily feel like I’m 10 years younger.

There is a short post dedicated to improving your cardio for having better sex on this blog. I encourage you to take a look at it. But just watch this video and imagine how much more sexual stamina you would have in a month by doing the same thing… Not convinced yet? I don’t know what else to say. Here is your homework: For 7 days, do 5 minutes running twice per day and write down below in the comment section what doing it did to your sexual stamina!

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #5 – Finding a Condom that suits you

Every individual man has a different set of requirements from the condoms they are using to perform to their fullest. Condoms that are too tight or too thin might pleasure or excite the shaft more than it is required. And it might causes involuntary early discharge. Going for condoms that are thick laced with desensitizers is an excellent choice to increase the sexual stamina. The extra thickness avoids the skin to skin contact pleasure. Also the desensitizer numbs the outer layers of your shaft. The combination of both helps you to enjoy a higher degree of stimulation over a longer amount of time. Remember to test out a few different brands before you settle on the perfect fit for you.

thicker condom to increase sexual stamina

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #6 – Focus on her and her pleasure

Always remember that any sexual activity between you and your partner is a mutual act. Talk it out with your partner. As you are having sex, tell her to focus on her pleasure. And tell her that she is beautiful when she is having pleasure. Guide her to orgasm with dirty talk. If you have never done that, you will be surprised to find out that women love it very much. The idea is to get out of your head and be present with your partner. By stopping focussing on your own physical sensations, it will help to slow down your own climax. As an extra bonus, your partner will love the extra attention that she is receiving!

couple communication for sexual stamina

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #7 – Breath Slowly

This tip comes straight from the Taoists and the Indian Tantric practice. Have you ever pay attention to what is happening inside your body immediately before climaxing? For one, your heart rate increase and you breathing pace accelerates. If you consciously keep your breathing slow, you will find that it helps delaying the orgasm. One word of warning. If you wait until you are about to reach an orgasm, it is too late to slow down your breathing. You must do slow breathing from the start for it to work…

slow breathing to increase sexual stamina

How to increase sexual stamina: Tip #8 – Get mentoring from a sexual stamina expert

Be able to have incredible sexual stamina is something that can be learn. It is not genetic. Now, you are at a crossroad. You can take the hard way, learn by yourself with trial and errors what works and what doesn’t. This can be a very frustrating and long journey. Or, you can receive the invaluable perls of wisdom from someone who already did the hard work for you.

If you want to boost your stamina. Whether that means getting firmer hard-ons, staying hard for longer. Or delaying your orgasms so you can give your woman multiple orgasms before you climax yourself. Aaron, a recognized sexual stamina expert – will show you how it’s done.

Aaron Coxx - Sexual Stamina Coach for men

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The everyday choices we make through our lifestyle choices go a long way in dictating our health and well-being. Thus sexual stamina, prowess and energy are all dependants of the choices you make every day. And the way you lead your life plays a role too. Lasting longer in bed more often than not is more of a mental block, which requires only a bit of practice & control to get over completely.

how to increase sexual stamina

While the 8 tips to increase sexual stamina and boost lasting power are very useful. Eating habits could also act as a spark and boost testosterone and sexual stamina like crazy. You should definitely consider cooking some Testosterone boosting recipes. However, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to prepare full meals, you could check for easier and faster options that involve juicing to increase testosterone.