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Best Erection Herbs from the Ancient Vikings to be Rock Hard

Hello, hello, Here is some sound Ancient Viking wisdom coming straight from Eddie, our favorite Team Juicing Masters Elite member… Hence, He is sharing with us the best erection herbs he has been using.

best erection herbs

Best Erection Herbs according to Eddie:

Hey there chief.

Ive taken pine pollen and tongkat ali… true… i cum in jets and balls swell… L-arginine, pomegranate juice, red panax ginseng, a bit of red wine all open cock veins and the hardons are insane… Also, after a good blow job, an edging session, a good fuck, before cock goes back to soft, wear a cock ring a while… let that nutrient rich blood stay in there a lil while…increases flacid hang and erect size… cock hangs heavy, veiny, thick even soft… eddies tips……..stay hard!!!!


Way to go Eddie!

I would not have been able to say it better myself. You need to feed the right nutrients to your tool to make big and hard so that you can come like a firehose. It is because those best erection herbs contain antioxidants that will protect your testicles. Also, if your balls were shrinking, taking those best erection herbs will reverse the process. Big full balls mean more testosterone production. This, in turn, along with better blood flow, will contribute to harder erections. Not only that but taking those best erection herbs may help to last longer and overcome a sensitivity issue if any!

That is what the ancient Vikings knew how to do. This knowledge got lost somewhere but we are slowly rediscovering it to form a new generation of virile Viking men!

Eddie is a client for 3 months.

I have heard about his progress and his results are just stunning and his women are delighted… I know that a lot of men are copying what Eddie is doing and what is happening is stunning them!

You should pay attention too and join the Team Juicing Masters Elite…

In short, have a great Sunday!

Oli L.
“The Man Behind the Most Interesting Man in the World”


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