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Ancient Viking Secrets behind Eddie stunning success!

MVLSA: Do you know that this acronym means? I just invented the acronym as I was receiving a deluge of requests to know about the ancient Viking secrets used by Eddie the juicing stud.

Make Viking Lifestyle Sexy Again!

Make Viking Lifestyle Sexy Again!

This may disappoint some but the ancient Viking erection secret used by Eddie isn’t

a magical juice recipe that makes your schlong grow

I guess that if it was possible, I would be filthy rich 😉

Also, the ancient Viking secrets are not something that you can find or acquire. Hence, this is something that you need to learn.

It is a mental state, a skillset and a mindset that you develop and you are going to use to win all the challenges that life is throwing at you.

The secrets are so powerful that we still have echoes of the accomplishments of the legendary Viking men

Ancient Viking Secrets to cure ED

Secondly, I think that it is the second time that I mention the ancient Viking secret juicing skills. The first time was when I helped Elder with his juicing problem.

Ancient Viking Secrets to Overcome ED

Last time, I talked about Juicing Master ingenuity and instinct. I’m going to add 3 more:

1. Determination:

Ancient Viking determination is when you decide something for yourself like a goal and you persevere until you finally succeed.

Most mediocre people that will decide something. They choose that they are not satisfied with their current situation. At first, they are very motivated but it doesn’t take too long. A week or 2 before they conclude that it is a goal too hard to attain so they just cowardly give up their dream.

Another way that men possessing a lot of determination do to overcome ED, it is is to use the Hawaiian fisherman method. Placing all your hope into a single basket is silly. Instead, try out a dozen of possible solutions. By putting several lines in the water, you are immensely increasing the odds of succeeding!

Real Team Juicing Masters members never give up about improving themselves.

2. Regularity:

I wish that I could tell you that spectacular results are easy to get but they are not. Instead, the best results are acquired by a slow process that requires steadiness.

The US Olympic athlete having won the highest number of medals is Michael Phelps who won 23 gold medals. Do you think that he would have succeeded this fantastic accomplishment if he started to skip training?

Eddie did treat his penis with the same seriousness that Michael Phelps is treating swimming.

Losers are skipping days and obtain mediocre results.

True Team Juicing Masters winners commit to their daily manhood improving ritual and stick to it.

3. Take responsibility:

An empowering way to live life is to take responsibility for what is happening to us. All of us have shit happening. A powerful Team Juicing Masters member like you and me, when shit happens, instead of complaining, we are going to reframe the situation as a learning experience so that we become better, more handsome men.

This is the true Viking lifestyle in its purest form. If there is 1 thing that I want you to remember from this newsletter. It is this:

You take responsibility for YOUR results

That means if you experience a failure. You try to get something positive out of it.

Yeah, I know it sucks but the opposite is also more powerful…

When you are going to reach your goal, you are going to feel a wave of pride taking you over because

YOU and nothing else made it happen!

Do you know how fvcking losers do to be able to look at themselves every day without feeling bad about themselves despite that they do nothing good and take crappy decisions?

They blamed their bad luck on anything but themselves. It is never their fault. It is the fault of others. If they failed at school. It is not them that have not worked hard enough to pass. It is the fault of the teacher or the school itself.

So here you have it. This is the Ancient Viking Secrets that allow Eddie to achieve his excellent results.

Do you want results like Eddie?

I know you want them. You have been numerous to write me back to know these secrets…

Here is what you are going to do:

First, every morning when you wake up, you are going to say these affirmations in your head or out loud:

  • I will persist until I get the goal that I did set for myself
  • I don’t skip days
  • I am the sole responsible for the results that I am getting

Next, you are going to:

So, let’s go champion. You are part of the team. I know you have all it takes to change your life for the best!

In short, make a decision now and I am looking for more hard 8 inches success stories!

Oli L.
The Tony Robbins of Penis Health”


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