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Juicing Skills – What to do if your stalk is only 10 inches…

Elder is asking what to do with 10 inches long celery sticks when the recipe requires 3 inches long sticks. In our answer, we are going to teach him 2 very important basic juicing skills. Those skills are very important to acquire in order to become a Juicing Master… so without waiting any more…

Hit me with another question!

Elder wrote these questions about Paint Her Face Formula:

Ok, some of the juice recipes demands a pomegranate. I dont have one but it has the little picture of an orange. So, is it still good like that? And the recipes are demanding celery sticks of about four inches long. The ones I have the ones are like 10 inches long and I think it would be too much celery. What should I do with my celery?

Firstly, Elder, thank you for the excellent question!

Hopefully, the answers are going to be helpful for some of my clients. The several hundreds guys who are performing the daily juicing ritual to reclaim their manhood!

Just like you’re doing

First, the reason why there is the orange logo beside the pomegranate, it is to indicate that the pomegranate contains 12% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

PHFF Vitamin C logo. Recognizing the logos is one of the juicing skills

As all PHFF users know, Vitamin C is one of the 10 Load ‘Amplifiers’ in the PHFF juice recipes but the main reason why pomegranate is included in those recipes and what ingredients can replace it has been explained last month in a newsletter.

Or you can also add this if you want to get strong

Next, your celery question:

I have 2 things to say about that.

This is where your Juicing Master instinct comes in. It is OK to deviate a little bit of the recipe. Especially if it is for not putting too much stuff in your blender.

Use your Juicing Master ingenuity. If a recipe is asking for 3 3-inches celery sticks. And all you have is 10-inches celery sticks. Then you take 1 10-inches stick and you cut it in 3.

As a result, our juicing skills have solved the problem! Let me know, if you would like me to do a demonstration on a YouTube video

That could be very interesting…

Let me know if you would like to see that, just leave a comment below and let me know!

The Ancient Viking Secret Juicing Skills

As a side note, the Juicing Master instinct and ingenuity are part of the ancient viking juicing craft 7 secret skills. The other day, a guy did offer me $5000 to learn those skills. Offer that I did decline!

Those secret juicing skills are too powerful to be divulgated to any guy. I need to make sure that the students have the right mindset. The type of mindset that is acquired by becoming a member of the Team Juicing Masters Elite…

In other words, I’m going to end this post by saying this. What I’m sharing for free on this blog are only the basic juicing skills.

You can accomplish a lot with these basic juicing skills. But when you have mastered them. And are ready to go to the next level, you will feel the need for more juicing knowledge.

In short, the more advanced and powerful techniques are discussed and kept inside the Masters of Manhood private FB group and you could join for only $1 Today…

Oli L.



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