Men’s Health Blog: What are pheromones and Do Pheromones Really Work?

What are Pheromones and do they Help Mating?

Do you want to know what are pheromones and how they can help mating? Pheromones are the scents of attraction. From creatures such as the moth to the mice. All of these emit chemical signals targeted towards enticing their mate. Organisms release the band of sex pheromones to attract the opposite sex. They signal them to indulge in the act of mating and do a range of sexual activities. This article will explain what are pheromones and will give 4 ways to produce more pheromones naturally.

What are Pheromones – The Science of Osmology Says the Following

The science of smell research Osmology proved the fantastic benefits of the pheromones. It showed that they spur arousal that both men and women emit. They emit them to signal sexual activeness, rising hormone levels, improved fertility and sensual passions. The term pheromone coined the Greek researchers Karlson and Luscher. They combined two words. ‘Pherein’ meaning to bring or transfer and ‘hormon,’ meaning to excite.

Many body areas excrete the range of pheromones. These include areas such as skin, urine, sweat, and saliva. And the olfactory sensors perceive them. These include nose, brain and the nervous system. From breastfeeding to the selection of a mate, pheromones play an evident role.

For example, there is the breast pad used by a child’s mother and a stranger. The child is quickly able to identify the pad worn by the mother. And it feels repulsed to the pad worn by a stranger.

The Two Categories of Olfactory System

It has been further found that most mammals have two distinct olfactory systems. The central olfactory nerves interpret the right scents molecules. The Vomeronasal Organs (VNO) system are in charge of detecting pheromones. The VNO was initially thought to be vestigial. However, experts later proved that the VNO gives a clear passage for detecting pheromones.

The Secret behind Subconscious Sexual Attraction

Pheromone serves as a catalyst for sexual magnetism and desires for humans too. Most studies have focused on three categories of presumed human pheromones. These are vaginal aliphatic acids, axillary steroids, and stimulators of the VNO.

  • Around 10% of men are known to give off Androsterone. In other words, only 1 man out of 10 has this advantage in the mating game. It is the adrenal glands that produce this pheromone. The hormone gives them a special sex appeal to women. Men who have androsterone, release it through their skin and hair.
  • Men excrete almost 4 times more Androsterone through their urine as compared to women.
  • Copulin, another pheromone found in the vaginal secretion of sexually active women. The flow and success of these hormones, however, vary with the changes in the female menstrual cycles.
  • Axillary steroids.

Olfactory signals such as these can induce strong emotional changes. Even if one perceived the signals sub-consciously. Olfactory receptors send these forecasts to the Neocortex for conscious processing. Further, they pass them onto the limbic system for emotional processing too.

Using Pheromones for Enhancing “Feel Good” factors

Products that carry traces of Pheromones can correct sexual and some other related problems. Many clinics use lotions scented with pheromones to help couples have improved sexual activities. These scents lift your “Appeal to the opposite sex”. Vast research led by medical labs and companies have found pheromones to give good results. These include:

Raised Mood and lesser mood swing

In the study, a lot of people were suffering from depressions and anxiety. After the usage of healing human pheromones, they felt high mood. Further, they felt more confident, a drop in social stigmas, and a happier outlook. They felt empowered too.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Some people tend to spend long hours in the office, to escape the mental pressure they feel while at home. On the other hand, some people always try to leave the office. They do this to avoid certain mental doubts they feel at work. Many such victims have felt happier and more confident after using pheromones as a therapy. And they managed to overcome such mental blockades too. Females have been super sensory to pheromones while they are at their menstrual peak. On the other hand, men react best when they feel happy and confident.

Happy, Healthy, and sexually active

Higher testosterone levels lead to higher virility. Further, they lead to higher cognition, better bone health, and overall happiness too. Clearly, a person who is very happy and healthy would look charming and friendly.

Natural Ways to Boost Pheromones and Sexual Appeal

There are few pharmaceutical companies that make pills that supposedly boost the pheromone production. However, the success and side-effects of such pill remain unknown. Natural ways to improve your pheromones is for sure the best remedy.

1. Keep your Cortisol low

Keeping the Cortisol levels low is vital for enhancing your body’s capacity to produce pheromones. High Cortisol could lower your testosterone levels. That, in turn, will harshly affect your libido and sexual prowess. The major factor adding to high cortisol levels is stress and anxiety.

2. Keep away from High Sugar

High Sugar content is another key reason which results in high blood insulin. That, in turn, results in low testosterone and low pheromone production. Sugar-rich foods are among the foods to avoid for testosterone production.

stay away from sugar-rich foods

3. Get the right amount of Sleep and Exercise

Lifting weights and doing sprints is the right way to exercise. Too much of cardio is a testosterone killer and amounts to lower pheromone production in the body. Also, getting the right amount of sound sleep and timely rest is vital for Testosterone production. Practicing meditation, spiritual yoga or taking a vacation could be perfect to get the right amount of sleep.

4. Take Zinc

Wheat germ, Oysters, shellfish, and wheat bran are rich in Zinc. From time old, Zinc is an element that raises testosterone levels and overall male fertility. The human body is not capable of producing Zinc. Eating habits adjustments are the key to getting the right dose of Zinc supply. These are other ingredients which are great sources of Zinc. These include lean pork, Red meat, yogurt, milk, chicken, peanuts, eggs, and cheese. Zinc supplements could be an option. But taking high volumes of Zinc could result in side-effects. These include copper deficiency and steady fall in good cholesterol levels. Of course, Zinc is only one nutrient among many others that boost pheromones production.

What are Pheromones – The Secret Tool to Human Mating

Overall, most of us live a stressed and fatigued life. All that thanks to demanding jobs and mounting social duties. As a result, our sexual lives boil down a custom drill. Pheromones are a secret ingredient. They can have a magical impact on renewing our sexual health. Further, they boost confidence, strength, and overall happiness too. Risen pheromones and testosterone levels lift your overall sex appeal and grow your allure. Some minor changes to our routine lifestyle could do wonders for secreting more pheromones.

what are pheromones: human mating secret tool

To Wrap It Up

Is this post helping you to have a better idea of what are pheromones? Did you finally found out how do they help mating? Maybe you know some other secret tools that help boost sexual health? In short, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments part below. And do share this post with your friends on the social networks. Help them to learn what are pheromones and how they can help them to mate.

Or you could speed up the process by cheating a little bit with nature…


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