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Top 7 Reasons to Exercise More: Passport to Sheer Awesomeness  

Are you lacking motivation and reasons to exercise more? Wait until you read about the top 7 reasons to exercise more. Exercise will never be so fun after reading this article.

Since decades and centuries, the human race has indulged in various formats of exercises or physically challenging sports. The benefits of regular exercising are boundless and could largely affect (enhance) your mood to improve your sex life.

There are a lot of people who use the jeopardy of getting injured as an excuse for not exercising. But the risk involved is really minimal when compared to the potential benefits. A healthy diet and a good lifestyle always support the greatest benefits of physical fitness.

The Curses of Sedentary Lifestyle

Men and women working at desk jobs stretching through ungodly hours indulge in very little exercise. They hardly walk, usually use the elevator, depend mostly on packaged and processed food and are high on stress. The results are highly alarming and often fatal. These include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein, and excess belly fat.

7 Great Reasons to Exercise

Here are the best 7 reasons to exercise:

1. Controls Weight

Are the extra pounds taking a toll on your conjugal life? Exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight. Also, as you get engaged in physical activities, you burn calories. Thus the intensity of the exercises is equal to the number of calories you burn. A regular trip to the gym is fine. But if you don’t spend that much time, just try to get more active all through the day. So take the stairs instead of the lift, do household chores, take periodic breaks from constant sitting and move around. Further, you can practice exercises at home too. Indulging in sexual activities is also a very good form of exercise. That is because it helps you burn a lot of calories each session.

reasons to exercise: control body fat

2. Combats Conditions and Enhances Immune System

Worried about your heart? Concerned about blood pressure? Well, do not worry. You can control all these concerns with the right amount of exercises regularly. Being active ensures better production of high-density lipoprotein or HDL and lowers the production of unhealthy triglycerides. And both the punches together keep blood circulation better throughout your body, smoothly. Thus it reduces the risk of cardio conditions. Other related conditions may include metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Further, different types of cancers, depression, falls and arthritis. As low as 2.5 hours of normal physical activity on a regular basis every week ponders this advantage. And this risk reduces greatly for people who indulge in more exercise regularly.

3. Enhances Mood

Want to blow off the steam after a hectic day? Looking for an emotional life? Brisk walking of 30 minutes or spending 30 minutes at the gym would do. Vigorous physical activities stimulate the chemicals in the brain and leave you with a feeling of happiness. You can also feel that betterment on your face and in your body language as you exercise regularly. What’s more, exercise boosts up your confidence level and improves self-esteem. What a great reasons to exercise?

4. Boosts More Energy

Winded by household chores? Regular and consistent physical activities can notably improve muscle strength and endurance. Exercise delivers the required amount of essential nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. And that ensures cardio-vascular system to work better. And as the lung and heart health get improved, you will have more energy to tackle regular tasks.

5. Brings Back Spark into Sex Life

Do you feel out of shape or too reluctant to enjoy physical relationship? Well, good amount of regular exercise can boost energy level and thus improve physical appearance. That, in turn, is very likely to boost your sexual life. Regular exercises can notably improve issues with erectile dysfunction and extend erectile time. You can enjoy your sex life even better than ever before as you start moderate amount of exercises on a regular basis. Men, in particular complaining of low testosterone and libido, should spend more time exercising and staying fit.

6. Endorses Better Sleep

Striving to snooze? Having a problem with a night shuteye? Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep fast. Also, they will ensure a sound sleep every night so you can enjoy all the benefits of sleep. If you are a man, one of those sleep benefits is to have more testosterone! But remember, avoid exercising right before you hit the hay.

7. Brings Fun

Physical activities and exercises can be good fun. It gives the chance to unwind yourself and to enjoy staying outdoors. Further, it makes you able to do regular chores including your office work with more energy. It also gives you the zeal to get connected with your friends and family and enjoy social gatherings. When it comes to exercise, you can join a karate class or a dance class or simply a gym. Choose an activity that you enjoy.

Grab your Chance to Live More, Enjoy More

People who are active for about 7 hours a week have something more than those who are more deskbound. They have about 40 percent less chance of dying early.

Exercises are a great and effective way to boost your mental and physical health, have fun and feel better. So, set a target to have at least half an hour of brisk walking at least 5 days a week. Or, 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Or, just 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week.

Set Your Exercising Goals

To summarize, Try to do a good and healthy mix of moderate and vigorous aerobic exercises. That type of exercises includes walking, running, jogging, and swimming. Further, you can do strength training twice a week by using weight machines, lifting weights or doing body weight exercises. Moreover, space out activities all through the week. If you want to meet any specific fitness goal or lose weight, you need to ramp up the efforts. But before going for any exercise program, make sure you talk to your doctor. This is even more important if you’re having any condition like diabetes, heart disease, and joint problem.

Finally, exercising has ample benefits. Most of us find it very hard to make exercise a part of our routine timetable. The commitment and passion slowly die down and we start skipping exercises. If you are one of such person looking for a way to maintain focus and commitment, I could help you.

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