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Best Libido Boosting Foods for men – Eat the 10 best ones!

Food has for long been an intrinsic part of raising a man’s sexual desire. Having a good sex life presumes to feel physically and mentally healthy. The kind of diet one adopts impacts one’s fertility. And this is especially the case regarding sperm count and quality. Thus, eating a diet rich in antioxidants like selenium, carotene and Vitamins A, C, E helps in boosting ones sex life. Read on to find out the 10 best libido boosting foods for men.

10 Best Libido Boosting Foods for Men

Consume the following best libido boosting foods for men to achieve your desired sexual peak.

1. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolateDark chocolate is the first presented food of the best libido boosting foods for men. High in zinc and magnesium, dark chocolate helps in regulating blood pressure, stress and cholesterol levels. Further, intake of cocoa leads to a higher density of nitric oxide vital for testosterone growth. What’s more, the dark chocolate contains L-Arginine. Hence, that increases the semen volume and orgasm intensity as well.

2. Garlic

Garlic contains a high amount of allicin. This increases blood flow to the sexual organs both in men and women. Further, it dilates the blood vessels. Eating raw garlic stirs up a strong sexual desire. It has aphrodisiac properties which boost one’s sex life.

Best libido boosting foods for men: Garlic

3. Oysters

OystersHigh in zinc content, the oyster has aphrodisiac properties. Zinc helps the body to produce testosterone. So eating oysters increases the sperm count, sperm motility and boosts sexual potency in men. What’s more, oysters contain dopamine which helps build up libido.

4. Eggs

eggsThey are great for improving sperm motility as they are a source of natural protein. Further, they protect sperm cells from free radicals which decreases sperm count. And the selenium and iodine in eggs both have testosterone raising properties.

5. Meat

meatRed meat is largely known as a masculine food that adds to male potency. High in zinc, it curbs the hormone called prolactin. Hence, a higher level of prolactin causes sexual dysfunction.  Pork, beef, and chicken contain carnitine and L- arginine. And these increase the blood flow and improve sexual response. What’s more, carnitine and L- arginine are nutrients that treat erectile dysfunction as well.

6. Seafood

seafoodTrout, fresh tuna, salmon, halibut, sardines keep the arteries well oiled. Rich in L-Arginine, this amino acid releases more growth hormones. As a result, this gets converted to nitric oxide in the body. And nitric oxide, in turn, improves problems about erection. Moreover, the Omega 3 fatty acids in these fishes increase the dopamine level in the brain. And this further helps men to get into the mood.

7. Nuts

NutsPistachios increase blood flow to the penis which leads to firmer erections. Almonds, on the other hand, contain selenium which helps treat infertility issues. Further, almonds and cashew are rich in zinc which boosts testosterone production. And the Omega-3 content in walnuts on the other hands boosts the dopamine level in the brain which triggers arousal.

8. Avocado

avocadoAvocado is replete with minerals, monounsaturated fats, and vitamin B6. And these help in increasing the energy levels and sex drive. Since they are low in saturated fats, they are good for the heart and the arteries. High in Vitamin E, avocados have antioxidant properties. As a result, it helps in improving blood flow to the penile area.

9. Nitrate-rich leafy greens

leafy greensThey are not only cheap but power long lasting erections as well. Dietary nitrates break down into active nitric oxide in the body. And this allows better blood flow in the penile area. Leafy greens rich in nitrate include- kale, arugula, butter leaf, beet greens and Swiss chard.

10. Watermelon

This summer fruit is low in calories and high in libido boosting phytonutrients. The presence of lypocene, citrulline and beta-carotene in watermelon helps in relaxing the blood vessels. And this naturally enhances the sex drive. Watermelon is commonly regarded as a natural Viagra.

Best libido boosting foods for men: watermelon

Eat Right to keep Libido High

A proper level of testosterone lends a chiseled look to a man. And thereby it increases his sex appeal. High carb – low protein- low-fat diet is the watchword for getting the desired testosterone level. Therefore, a good diet plays a pivotal role in shaping a man’s sex life. Read more about the list of food choices for boosting testosterone.


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