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Egyptian Third Eye (Pineal Gland) Secret: The eye of Horus

The pineal gland is often known as the Egyptian third eye, or the mystical eye of Horus. Eastern cultures believe that it is the mysterious chakra point residing between the center of your eyebrows. And it is the part of you which can summon and invoke the supernatural in you.

The pineal gland is an unpaired midline brain structure. It derives its name from its pine cone-like shape. It lies behind the third ventricle, which is often termed as the third eye. And it is under a constant streaming supply of the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid distributes naturally through a small pineal recess linked to the third ventricle. This recess is also projected into the stalk of the gland.

The eastern cultures believe that the pineal gland has secret mystical properties. And that those secret mystical properties are linked to the ancient Egyptian symbol known as the eye of Horus. Further, physiologists and other scientists alike continue to examine the pineal gland due to its biological and spiritual sense.

The Secret of the Hindu and Egyptian Third Eye

Awakening the Egyptian third eye” was the spiritual act and the concept of the ancient Egyptian religion for many centuries. And eastern religions still follow it such as Hinduism. The old saying is that the Egyptian tradition was full of fear and death. For example, the mummy’s curse, serpents, the egotistical pharaoh and many more. But, in fact, there’s a way brighter side to the Egyptian culture. That is the third eye or the eye of Horus.

Egyptian Forehead dot atan

The Third Eye is a key concept in Hinduism. It teaches people to “unify” or “balance” their left-bodily side lunar Ida with their right-bodily side solar Pingala. This “unity” or “balance” of our twin opposing natures make us complete again. That is just as the unity and balance of the twin Yin and Yang halves that make the perfect circle. What’s more, it awakes a serpentine power. This power rises our spine and activates the third eye hidden between the two hemispheres of our brain. And it does that by unleashing seven invisible “chakras” also known as energy centers.

Yin Yang
Egyptians called the forehead dot Aten, the sun symbol. The Egyptian third eye implies the same concept as the Hindu “forehead dot”. The Aten is the awoken eye of Horus that sees the “sun within” or the “soul within”. And “sun” or “soul” is truly the “divine spark” or “Higher Self” within us. Thus it symbolizes the eye of Horus and the “Sun Within” or “Soul Within” that the awakened third eye sees.

What the Pineal Gland does during Night in the Dark

The pineal gland is a part of our physical and spiritual anatomy. It specializes in keeping the balance, whether be it the body’s or be it the divine souls. Naturally, the night and dark play big part on the pineal gland. That is since light during the day excites it and energizes it and facilitates to perform to the maximum. So only during your sleep in complete darkness (absolutely preferred) can it renew and replenish itself for another cycle.

The more the darkness, the more is the production of the melatonin. This only happens in the night time. And its stimulation occurs when we are sound asleep and there is ZERO ambient light. Thus the darkness brings in the energy that we require to feed off the next day. This essentially means that some activities can irritate the pineal gland. And that, in turn, can bring in disorders like heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Those activities include working night shifts, artificial night-lights, staying up too late or sleeping in the light.

egyptian third eye of horus and the pineal gland

The Link between the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus and the Pineal Gland

According to the mystics, the pineal gland is a spiritual doorway. This doorway leads to a realm of supreme conscience. It is a state where the spirit and body becomes one and the infinity is realized within the one. The ancient Egyptians scrolls and hieroglyphs describe how the Egyptian third eye, the eye of Horus, sits between the eyebrows. And it connects clarity, imagination, intuition, concentration, and awareness to a higher state of being within oneself.

Being able to access the powers of the third eye of Horus provides incredible capacities. Some of these capacities are telepathy, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and clairvoyance. The pineal gland is the shining pathway between the real and the metaphysical. With that said, it is the secret behind the third eye of Horus. It was nothing more than the awakened pineal gland released to its full potential.

There are conspiration theories about what is done to keep away the fabulous third eye power from the mass. They say that chemicals causing the pineal gland calcification are added to food and water supply intended to be consumed by the general population. For example, adding fluoride to tap water despite that scientific studies exist that this practice is harmful to health.

Legends also say that awakening the Egyptian third eye may give rise to signs of psychological stress. That, in turn, can tilt the mental balance towards pessimism, depression, confusion and an overall negative aura. And that further suppresses the gland. And it gives rise to a vicious cycle which you slowly become unable to break free of. We must allow the pineal gland to release its true potential. Only then we can ensure that the ethereal light of being touches our existence.

To Wrap It Up

Studies taken over the decades describe how powerful the pineal gland can be when one sets the link between the awakened gland and the third eye of Horus. The third eye gives the beholder the clarity to see beyond the ordinary world. And that enables a view of the true nature of reality to unfold in front of one’s eyes. Most importantly, to discover the true meaning of the world we must awaken the third eye of Horus. Only then we can bring forth the true bliss and insight we seek within.

Is this post helping you to learn the secret of the Egyptian third eye or the eye of Horus? Do you now have a better idea of the physical and spiritual power of the pineal gland? Will you do your best to awaken the third eye so you can see beyond the ordinary world? Perhaps you have already awakened your third eye? If so, do share your experience in the comment section below. And do share this post with your friends on the social network. Help them to find out the power of the pineal gland when released to its full potential.