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Impact of Ejaculation on Testosterone: Can masturbation lower your T?

In this post, you are going to see the latest scientific and medical findings about impacts of ejaculation on testosterone. After all, this will allow us to tell if men should avoid masturbation to not risk draining their testosterone. It is very crucial to know if the one thing that you enjoy a lot and do often is harmful or not. Of course, knowing the answer will let you enjoy more what you do to have fun.

Ejaculation: Pleasure or a Reason for being anxious

A common question that many men hold is whether ejaculations have a “draining” effect on testosterone. There is one thing that worries many men. Mainly, men who are active in their sexual lives or who masturbate often. Any bad effect that frequent ejaculation could have on testosterone worries them. The draining of the body’s testosterone from frequent ejaculation is scaring these men. They think that the testosterone draining will cause sexual damage or physical problems in the long run. This type of fears can indeed remove the fun of sex… So, this is why it is important to find out the truth if this can relief these men.

The impact of Testosterone on Ejaculation

Before we try to find out the impacts of ejaculation on testosterone, we must find out something. Finding out how testosterone is linked to ejaculation must come first.

A spike in testosterone levels results in boosted virility and sexual performance. You have greater erections, longer lasting sex sessions. More testosterone also results in bigger and better ejaculations. Now, a common wrong belief is that when you ejaculate, you are emptying your testes from its sperm. Testes are also producing testosterone. Consequently, it must mean that with each ejaculation you are also wasting a part of the testosterone you produce.

Let’s find out what is the truth behind such claims.

Impact of Ejaculation on Testosterone: What does science say?

Whenever in doubt, ask science to help. Let us now see what years of research and studies tell us about the impact of ejaculation on testosterone. We will mainly be using results from research in the fields of Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction.

1) Short-Term Abstinence

A very short-term abstinence slightly boosts the amount of testosterone found in the body. Short-term means any period from few days to a month. Doctors have theorized that this may be due to a biological reason. Biologically speaking, nature has built us to mate and reproduce! If we abstain, there is a spike in T levels from the inside to build up more urge to mate. This also explains a study result. The study did inspect testosterone levels of men that went through many days of continued abstinence. For some men, testosterone levels did increase by 145% on the 7th day.

Important takeaways

The thing to get is that the study was carried out with men who were suffering from ED. So, short-term abstinence can help few men who suffer from ED. It is not a big deal when it comes to healthy men. Men who already have healthy habits with proper diet, exercise and drink healthy juices.

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The other side to this is that if abstinence is too long (up to 3 months), it shrinks testosterone levels. So, abstinence can help if you do it for just a few days. After a week, if you did not have any sex. Consider one good fapping session to reset the counter back to zero…

Ejaculation on Testosterone: Should you avoid masturbation?

2) Serum Testosterone Level Study

Testosterone level in males has been studied in many researches over the past decades. Studies in both animals and humans have been done. In those studies, testosterone levels were taken before and after ejaculations. It was found that even after ejaculation, there is no serious dip in the levels of testosterone. All men who are scared that regular masturbation may drain their T-levels, can now clearly rest easy. The only remaining concern will be to eat foods to replace nutrients used to produce semen.

3) Multiple Successive Ejaculations

Are you engaging in an all-night long sex session? Then what the experts have found out over the years would surprise you! Rodent studies have shown that having many successive ejaculations has a not so cool effect. Despite being very rewarding, there is a very sharp decline in the androgen receptors inside the Hypothalamus. And a sharp boost in the ability of the body to utilize the estrogen receptors. In other words, even if the impact of ejaculation on testosterone is small, this is not good for you to ejaculate too many times!

Impact of too many ejaculations on the hypothalamus

Similar studies show that 1 or 2 ejaculations cause an increase in androgen receptor usage. 4 or more ejaculations lead to a “sexual fatigue.” That “sexual fatigue” can lower the average androgen usage. There is one thing that we learn from all these studies. If you engage in a long sex session, you may feel a small dip in energy. This fall is because sex is a physical activity and it requires a lot of energy for doing it. It is not because your testosterone is shrinking.

4) Masturbation vs. Sex with your Partner

A study saw a big contrast when it comes to ejaculation by masturbation or by real sex. While masturbation and ejaculation do not affect testosterone. Sex with a real person does and does in a very good way! There is an average boost of testosterone levels in men who have regular sex. Even amongst couples, A study has noticed one thing. On nights with sex, testosterone levels are higher. In contrast, on nights without sex, testosterone levels are lower. This makes us think that mutual touch, the female pheromones can increase the production of testosterone. This boost will happen with or without ejaculation. Some mental factors can also increase the production of testosterone. The feelings of dominance, power, and even success are such factors.

ejaculation on testosterone: masturbation or sex with your partner?

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Conclusion: What is the impact of ejaculation on testosterone?

Going by our findings, we can say that ejaculation does not have any ill effects on testosterone levels. Having regular sex can boost and benefit your body and your sexual well-being. While more studies on the topic are welcome, we can say one thing. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your life. And there nothing wrong with having the best ejaculation you can have too! Also, you can do it as much as you want.

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