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Hypervitaminosis – Too much is as dangerous as not enough

Do you want to know what is hypervitaminosis and the bane of its excess intake? In this article, discover the health risks of overly high intake and the vitamins causing it.

In the 21st century, medical science has taken new strides in giving a higher grade of life to us. The average worldwide life expectancy has risen from a small 53 years to 72 years over the last century. Vitamins are a varied set of organic chemical compounds and vital nutrients that an organism requires in limited amounts. However, it cannot synthesize the compound in ample amounts. So the body must obtain it through the daily diet. Vitamins play a major part in the wellbeing and healthy sustenance of the humankind.

However, a dark side of this progress of science and knowledge has given rise to the bane of excess intake. In third world countries, the majority of the population suffers from some form of vitamin deficiency. However, citizens of growing nations have fallen prey to the evils of hypervitaminosis. It is a condition of very high storage levels of vitamins. And can lead to severe and even fatal toxic symptoms.

What is Hypervitaminosis?

The human body is more prone to storing fat-soluble vitamins (D, E, K & A) than water-soluble vitamins. The trend of obesity and sedentary lifestyle has taken over our daily routine. As a result, the threat of toxic intake of vitamins has slowly crept up upon us. Livers and fatty tissues soak up excess vitamins that we take due to our unhealthy eating habits. And in that way, slowly but surely, we give rise to this silent killer.

What Causes Hypervitaminosis

Regular over intake of certain fat-soluble vitamins in our body cause hypervitaminosis. Our excretory system does not process these vitamins. That means this big quantity is neither excreted from the body nor used in our daily being. So the dangerous intake of vital nutrients starts to wreak havoc on the bodies systems.

  • Excessive intake of multivitamin pills can cause such a scenario. It is not safe to have any more quantity than prescribed. These brightly colored coatings which the pills are covered with are harmful to health. And they can cause great cause to the body’s natural habitation processes.
  • Many natural fruits and vegetables these days are genetically modified. And due to these toxic adjustments, intake of such fruits or vegetables may cause severe hypervitaminosis.
  • Health drinks, protein shakes, workout drinks and juice one must drink in moderate amounts. Further, one must keep in mind their ingredients. And regular but excess intake may cause multiple types of symptoms which we mentioned in the following sections.
  • Commercially available vitamin water can also make you susceptible. So you should stay away from such intakes as much as you can.
  • Canned fruits, canned tuna, sardines, fish oils are one of the foods that one should avoid as well. They are available almost in every shop and mass produced. So, beware.

Un-tampered, naturally available ingredients and items. All these are the way to go for a safe and balanced lifestyle. So keep that in mind and focus on such diet.

Risks stemming from Hypervitaminosis

The risks arising out of overly high storage levels of vitamins are diverse and plenty.

  • Folate: Folate, found in vitamin B complex if taken in doses more than 400 µg may cause anemia. Further, they may mask symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Vitamin A: Intake of more than 9000 mg can cause dry and scaly skin. What’s more, it can cause fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, bone and joint pains, and headaches.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D over intake may cause eating problems. And ultimately, it may cause coma and even death.
  • Vitamin E: Overdose of Vitamin E can cause blood clotting. That, in turn, may give rise to hemorrhages.
  • Vitamin K: Vitamin K is another fat-soluble vitamin. It causes liver damage or anemia when taken in vast amounts.
  • The whole vitamin B complex group may cause severe side effects if one does not check their intake. Excess vitamin B3 may cause problems ranging from facial flushing to liver disease. Excess vitamin B5 can give rise to a bad case of nausea and heartburn. Further, Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 can cause numbness and tingle in hands and feet. And excess B12 may impair regular eye functions.

Keep in mind that these values are indicative. And they are fit to an adult male having modest physical activities & having a 2000 Kcal dietary intake during the day. So if you fall below any of the indicative criteria, you may be in more danger than marked.

Hypervitaminosis & Fatalities: A statistical count

You may be startled to know the following. There have already been real-life victims who have fallen prey to the threat of hypervitaminosis. In the year 2004, around 62,562 people reported overdose exposure to all mixtures of “vitamins.” And that only in the United States. What’s even scarier, almost 78% of this headcount comprised of children under the age of 6. This resulted in 53 major life-threatening outcomes and 3 counts of death. They were diagnosed to be related to vitamins D and E. And also to specific polyvitaminic type formulas. Shockingly, in the same year, the number of death from accidental poisoning of all kinds was 19,250. And in 2010, more than 70,000 cases of exposures to various vitamin mixtures were reported to many poison control centers across the nation.

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Hypervitaminosis Deaths: Closer than you think

Statistics show that we have started seeing the advent of overly high storage levels of vitamins. And we have also started taking up corrective measures against it. However, the ground scenario is still a far cry from a 100% hypervitaminosis free state. Kids as young as only 10 years of age have succumbed to wrongful and more than allowed dosage intake of vitamin D. Indeed, this is a rare occurrence. But all this states how potent a case of overdose with vitamins can hit our near and dear ones.

To Wrap It Up

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This is an age of abundance and plenty. But luckily, there are safe and proven ways of keeping ourselves safe from the deadly reach of hypervitaminosis. These ways include a regular and balanced diet. The diet should comprise of natural elements and all the food groups are the way to begin. Further, cut down on your multivitamin pills that can cause more harm than good in the long run. Also, alongside dietary changes, enjoy a light and regular exercising. That will counter the sedentary desk job lifestyle as well. And remember, a stress-free life which is well rounded by proper diet and regular exercise will increase your health & life prospect naturally. All that without any bad side effects.

Is this post helping you learn what is hypervitaminosis and the bane of its excess intake? Do you now know the health risks of overly high intake and the vitamins causing it? Maybe you know some other inciters that we did not mention above? In short, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments part below. And do share this post with your friends on the social networks. Help them to learn the health risks of excess amount intake of vitamins.


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