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Lost Morning Woods CAN be retrieved at ANY age!

I have received feedback about morning woods from a reader named George following the newsletter that I sent out yesterday evening…

Its all bullshit… When I was 15, the wind would blow and I would get hard, and lost morning wood after 35, currently 65, and this is not happening…


I’m sorry to hear that but this is not BS.

I had the same experience than you when I was 15. I lost my morning woods in my 30s for few years. Also, I was too busy with my job and my young kids to notice or worry about it.

Lost morning woods is a symptom of low testosterone. This unfortunate situation is reversible for most men having a will strong enough to put the required effort.

Morning woods came back when I started implementing what I’m teaching in my programs. The best herbs for morning woods are Pine Pollen and Shilajit took together.

BUT that alone may or may not be enough. You MUST follow the whole thing to increase the likelihood of it work for you.

Lost Morning Woods is a REVERSIBLE condition.

Let me ask you this:

How bad do you want to get back your morning woods?

Some guys want it back. They will even buy my program but they are not willing to put the required efforts.

The real heroes are the men who buy the book. Follow the program.

It is not that hard.

It just requires some discipline, dedication and maybe half an hour every day.

And for those who make the effort, they will get the result they want.

Make their woman happy again in bed.

I have plenty of positive testimonials proving it. Dozens of guys are writing me each week to thank me for what I did for them.

In a nutshell:

On the last point, I have put up a simple guide to my ED juicing guide to get you started. Each exercise is linked to a Youtube video where I demonstrate how to do the exercise.

If each of the book owners did watch the videos at least once, their view counters should be at above 1,000!

Unfortunately, it is far from reality. Most of my clients did NOT watch those videos. Some of them have less than 50 views. This tells me that most men do not like to workout.

Listen, having a big hard erection isn’t magical.

It requires you to be healthy. On the other hand, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete but you need to be a little bit in shape.

Nutrition is important.

It is the centerpiece of what I’m doing but cardio is essential too. Also, I’m not asking to run 5 miles every morning. Just do something.

15 minutes would be best but really if you can only do 5 minutes, it will help.

Just do something!

Finally, the usual common sense advises: Slow down drinking, if you smoke quit or at least reduce it. If you have some extra weight, do what it takes to lose it.

The amazing thing that I realize is that sex is the best motivator that I know.

If it wasn’t to get back erections and have great sex again, I probably wouldn’t have gone through all the effort and trouble.

But here is the secret. For the rare men who will go through the required lifestyle transformation.

Not only they will retrieve their legendary Morning Woods of their teenage years but they will also feel much better in general.

And THIS is priceless.

I hope to all of you to experience this joy. For those who aspire to live it. This my motivation to keep writing this blog!

Lost Morning Woods: Part II

He he, I’m currently amusing myself.

You know, one crucial aspect of writing a newsletter is to come up with impactful subject lines. I’m not sure if I’m successful with this one but as I reread it, I find that it sounds like the title of the sequel of a cheesy horror movie…

Oh well, that being said…

After the first part publication, a lot of guys wrote me back to tell me how much what I was saying was resonating true inside them. As a result, this part is going to be a quick followup on the feedback that I did receive.

Here is what one of you wrote:

Thats right Oli

Eating right, exercising, herbs, juicing, loosing belly fat, not smoking, moderating alcohol intake, and some jelquing keeps your cock young. its a use it or loose it situation.. im over 40 and my cock is harder, fatter, bigger, and points up higher than 10 or 12 years ago. it is all about BLOOD FLOW… Not one thing on this list is hard or unpleasurable to do and the rewards are amazing… sucks that guys over 30, 40, 50 just give up… They’re fat, hairy, with a tiny dick peeking out of a ridiculous bush of pubic hair… Make the changes, a little at a time, and its a domino effect… You look better, feel better, have more energy, and end up with a cock that thinks its 25 years old… Keep up the good qork man… Stay hard!!!! Regards

That is the type of attitude that I love about Team Juicing Masters members.

We are betting on ourselves, have an unshakeable will.

When we set a goal for ourselves, we will have the perseverance to keep going until it happens.

These are the traits of true winners.

Real men are becoming rare these days and the people that form this community have what it takes.

I’m so proud of my team. YOU are amazing!

George replied back to me after my reply to him yesterday where I have tried to inspire him and give him hope that HE is capable of improving his situation. I’ll spare you the details but he was insulting and was continuing whine that this was BS and he did everything and it didn’t work.

Sorry, George but I have removed you from the group. I think you don’t deserve to be here and you don’t want to be helped.

Team Juicing Masters members understand that they have to take responsibility for their results. Hence, I am going to tell you what to do. The rest is up to you.

In brief, the most important is to have a positive mindset. You must want the results AND


and also we understand that retrieving a healthy penis is not magic but a long process. It requires us to be patient. Rock Hard patient…

Talk to you later my friend,

Oli L.
the Tony Robbins for Penises


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