Men’s Health Blog: laptop impacts on male sex organs and fertility

Laptop Impacts On Male Organs and Fertility

Through the years we’ve heard stories that male persons shouldn’t use or place laptops on their lap… And this happens to be a true story. This post will describe what are the laptop impacts on the male sex organs and how you should prevent yourself from the harmful effects.

This study shows that sperm counts in men have been rapidly falling over the past 40 years. Also, there are some theories about why this is happening, for example – smoking, obesity and stress among the culprits. And the scientists do not have a definitive answer to this.

This digital age in which we are living has left men’s nether parts in a squeeze. The use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet – positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality. It’s a unique situation with laptop computers. Well, this can’t be a short-term, occasional exposure. With a repetitive use of a laptop, with the same heat exposure, a couple of times a day for many years – for a whole new generation of men gets the laptop impacts on male organs.

So, what happens when you place your laptop on your lap?

We are using laptops almost all day long and is one of the most common productivity tools in today’s time. They’re portable, convenient, and powerful machines. But, contrary to its name, a laptop does not belong on your lap – unless you want to expose yourself to harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).

Laptops affect and emit EMFs in many different ways and frequencies, and these EMFs can be extremely dangerous to your health. Anyway, your vital organs get a dose that unhealthy and full of electromagnetic radiation from your laptop, if you make a habit of actually putting it on your lap. This is one of the laptop impacts on male organs.

A laptop may seem perfectly innocuous in some point of view, but it receives wireless internet signals called microwaves and radiates electromagnetic frequency radiation. Its proximity to your reproductive system can pose risks on a male user’s sperm count, and not only in male, but can be at risk for a female’s egg release.

Scientific research start to understand the laptop impacts on male organs

Some researchers in South America, especially Argentina, found that when holding a laptop on your legs, near the testes, it can damages the DNA of sperm cells, suggesting the harmful nature of laptop radiation on male reproductive capacity. That being said, this is the first study to evaluate the direct impact of laptop radiation on human spermatozoa. The exposure of human spermatozoa to a wireless connected laptop on the internet decreased motility and induced DNA fragmentation by a non-thermal effect. By the way, experts speculate that keeping a laptop wirelessly connected to the internet on the lap just near the testes may result in decreased male fertility. This is another of the laptop impacts on male organs.

The thing is the temperature of your scrotum should be less than the body temperature. This is the reason why it hangs out of our bodies. Anyway, when a laptop is in contact with it then its temperature rises and thus can give rise to health conditions regarding your sperm count.

In this case, besides the harmful effect on the reproductive organs, this post presents the top 4 reasons why should never place your laptop on your gap:

1. It can burn your skin

Burning your skin is one of the laptop impacts on male organs. If you spend vast amounts of time reading, studying or even playing games on a laptop that is resting on your lap, then you could develop “toasted skin syndrome.” However, some medical study has found that placing laptops or any other similar machines next to your skin for extended periods can surely lead to an unusual-looking skin condition or rash caused by long-term heat exposure.

The above-mentioned condition is also known as “erythema ab igne.” It can develop over time and depends on how much the laptop is used on the lap and how much hot it becomes. It can cause permanent skin coloration, while this syndrome is generally harmless and resolves itself when further exposure is prevented.

2. It can lead to certain types of cancer

The laptop impacts on male organs seem frightening, right? And unfortunately, it is true… Swiss researchers, Drs. Peter Itin and Andreas Arnold found that a hot laptop could lead to skin damage on your lap, which might even develop into skin cancer.

This research and claim were supported by dermatologist Anthony J. Mancini. He also said and noted that prolonged skin inflammation could probably increase the chances of squamous cell skin cancer. This is far more aggressive than the more common form of skin cancer as well.

It can cause testicular and ovarian cancers – since people hold laptops close to their reproductive organs.

laptop impacts on male organs

3. It can cause back and neck pain

It’s a habit for many of us – relying on laptops or tablets to lull you to sleep. There is nothing naturally wrong with screen time before bed. The problem is your posture as you view the screen. Just think about it. As you watch some funny YouTube video or scrolling down to your Facebook or Twitter profile in bed, the question is “Are you sitting up straight with your spine in alignment?” But the answer is “Probably not.” More than probable, you are slouching or hunched over in some unnatural and unusual way as you watch the laptop’s screen. You might fall asleep asap when watching your device, but the odds are good you’ll wake up with a pain in your back or neck.

Despite knowing how this is impacting on your health, and we all know that laptop impacts on male organs are very negative, some people simply can’t fall asleep without their laptop nearby. You have to take care of yourself and you can do it by reading useful information, like in this post.

4. It can cause sleeping problems

Remember this one … Users should turn off their laptop or device at least two hours before going to bed if they want to avoid the laptop impacts on male organs. Only if they want a good night’s sleep after all. Sleep patterns and human brains are confused by devices that emit bright lights. Sleep has many health benefits. For men, in particular, sleep is vital for testosterone production.

Laptops can deceive our minds when still is a daytime. This can prevent sleep and increase the risk of insomnia.

Nevertheless, sleep experts say the body’s natural body clock starts to wind down from the day between 9 and 10 pm. But the use of computers will confuse it for sure. The brain of a person is biologically connected to be awakened when the sun is out because bright light after dark can cause the brain to stop secreting the hormone called melatonin that makes us sleepy.

The hormone melatonin is very important and essential in regulating our body’s internal clock. It is a vital part of the entire sleep cycle. Light from your laptop used at night can substantially lower the levels of melatonin. This is making it difficult to fall asleep. Suppression of melatonin isn’t only connected to the disturbance in sleep. Anyway, there are other health issues such as obesity, increasing the risk of developing diabetes, and other types of disorders.

Human eyes are especially very sensitive to blue light, which is common during the day but not in the evening. Experts will say that a good book is a far better option of resting the brain. This ensures a good night’s sleep. This is because a bedside lamp light doesn’t affect the brain as it does not look straight into a person’s eyes.

Who is at risk?

It’s simple. People who spend long periods reading, studying or playing games on laptops are at risk! Laptops affect on this kind of people.

When the laptop is resting on their upper legs, this can develop some skin syndrome. This mentioned skin condition is common among people often exposed to heat while working. Now, people using laptops for long hours are facing this.

And now you are wondering how to make your laptop less dangerous?

Either way, it’s very clear that you should be very cautious in using your laptop. For protection from thermal radiation, keep it off your lap and to be away from all your vital organs. But for non-thermal radiation, the most effective thing to do is to get laptop radiation protection. And the same way we use sunscreen to prevent being harmed by the sun and we wash our hands to keep from getting sick, using laptop radiation protection in today’s world is simply common sense.

make your laptop less dangerous

Conclusion about laptop impacts on male organs

It’s not only the men who are at risk when using a laptop on their lap. Women are at risk and laptops affect them too! Prolonged laptop use can affect their ability to reproduce and fertility. It can delay egg production and with this, it can make so difficult for them to conceive.

The EMF radiation can cause health issues on the fetus they’re carrying too. When these babies are born, they may show signs of developmental and congenital problems. Skin problems is one of the laptop impacts on male organs. Collagen can help fighting skin problems.

Guys remember this – heat is among the top causes of reduced fertility in men! When the laptop is sitting on the lap, the temperature of the testes can be raised a couple of degrees. Which is the reason to be well-beware about healthy sexual life? Because being warm enough down there can decrease sperm production.


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